Warrington Continuing to Defy Gloom

Warrington South MP David Mowat this week welcomed the publication of Cities Outlook 1901 report by the think tank Centre for Cities.

Using data from the 1901 Census and other contemporary sources, the Report analyses the progress that towns and cities across the UK have made in the last 100 years, compiling data on economic indicators such as deprivation, specialisation and dependence on certain industries. Warrington was the town that had made the most progress in the index since 1901, going from the bottom 25% to the top 40%.

In March, the Centre for Cities found that Warrington was in the top half of the region in terms of economic growth figures and had 19 companies with their headquarters in the town. They also found that the town has the 8th highest earnings of major towns and cities in the UK, the 7th highest proportion of private sector employment and the 7th highest employment rate.

David Mowat said:

"This report confirms what we had already heard from other sources – despite the gloomy economic news from elsewhere, Warrington's economy continues to defy expectations.

"However, the report also carries a warning – those towns and cities that have performed best are those that have enjoyed high levels of investment in infrastructure, particularly improving transport links to London. That is why I am going to continue to lobby for major projects such as HS2 so that Warrington will still be booming in 2112 and beyond."

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