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Cyclists need insurance

I was recently involved in an incident on the A49 involving my car and a cyclist. My car was stationary and the accident was not my fault (confirmed by the police). The cyclist rode into the back of my car and as a result I have sustained whiplash, numerous sleepless nights and my car had been classed as a write off through my insurance company. I have managed to repair my car privately, at the cost of aproximatley £600. The cyclist obviously has no insurance therefore an incident where I was the innocent party has resulted in me having to pay out up to £600. How should a cyclist be allowed on the roads, travelling at that speed with the ability to cause that much damage be allowed to ride on our roads with no insurance? If myself and the other people involved hadn't reacted the way we did to save this man's life, there could have been a chance he wouldn't be here today. It is not fair to put innocent people in these situations. Lets make it essential for regular cyclists to be insured to ride their bikes on our roads!

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