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20 mph or speed ramps on Saxon Park

My wife and myself have a growing concern regarding the speed of drivers on the Saxon Park estate, As the speed limit is set at 30 mph, drivers are travelling in excess of this speed constantly and as there are children playing around the estate including our own children this is a real concern for myself and other parents I have spoken to. As forrest way is set to 20 mph because of the traffic myself and others find it strange to turn onto a housing estate and the speed limit go up especially when there are children playing . I would appreciate your help with this matter. Kind regards Grant Burleigh

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Back the NHS

The NHS has and (hopefully) will always be here for us; the poor, the kind and the thankfull. Back the Police as well; they have been a great help to me in times of trouble. And I would also ask you to deny Donald Trump from entering this country.

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Ban firms from adding sugar to foods not just fizzy drinks

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Block new car parking charges in Stockton Heath & Lymm

Free parking in labour wards is discriminatory whilst increasing charges in Stockton Heath & Lymm

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Court fees contrary to justice

Dear sir The recent policy regarding the legal system and its implementation requires your assistance on the part of the public of warrington. Following the eradication of legal aid and proposal to close the local court the government have implemented costs orders against those found guilty of criminal offences in the sum of £1200. These punitive orders are crushing to those of limited or state assisted means. These huge sums are so unattainable for many it is akin to Sisyphus and his boulder or Emperor Neros task of collecting a tonne of cobwebs. The state must punish criminals or rehabilitate them. It must not however be cruel. I hope you will recognise this issue and raise it in the house on behalf of your constituents. Best regards Danny Hudson

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Cyclists need insurance

I was recently involved in an incident on the A49 involving my car and a cyclist. My car was stationary and the accident was not my fault (confirmed by the police). The cyclist rode into the back of my car and as a result I have sustained whiplash, numerous sleepless nights and my car had been classed as a write off through my insurance company. I have managed to repair my car privately, at the cost of aproximatley £600. The cyclist obviously has no insurance therefore an incident where I was the innocent party has resulted in me having to pay out up to £600. How should a cyclist be allowed on the roads, travelling at that speed with the ability to cause that much damage be allowed to ride on our roads with no insurance? If myself and the other people involved hadn't reacted the way we did to save this man's life, there could have been a chance he wouldn't be here today. It is not fair to put innocent people in these situations. Lets make it essential for regular cyclists to be insured to ride their bikes on our roads!

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Dear David

Reference the article by Sir Peter Burt in today's Times reference the Banks washing their hands when account holders are the victim of sophisticated on line scams. In the commercial world risk is usually carried by the party best able to absorb, control the risk which should be the Banks. Packaged up with other consumer issues (hospital parking charges etc.) this could be a big winner with the electorate. Best Regards

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Please informs your leader we the public who pay your wages £76k plus for part time work that the false accounting for the 2015 election will be put into the hands of the CPS and he will not be able to brush it under the carpet , because us the people won't let it disappear

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please read my email ref social care

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Proposed closure of Stockton Heath Library

Current proposals will mean the closure of Stockton Heath library which would mean no library in South Warrington. Could you please let me know your view on this and if you also oppose the closure of the library, let me know how you propose to challenge this so we can keep the library open? Thank you.

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School parking

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Speed hump

Hi David Me and my wife are worried about the speed that cars trave in health road. Despite the signs of 20 miles per hour a lot drivers just ignore it. It not only my children and my neighbour's children that are in danger also the children that every day attend to Penketh high school. A simple hump will sort the problem. Not asking to much to protect all this children am I? Looking forward for your feedback Joao Nunes

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Thelwall School Travel and Traffic Chaos


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