PM reaffirms support for Warrington Bridge

Speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed that a future Conservative Government would proceed with plans to build a new high level bridge across the Manchester Ship Canal and River Mersey in west Warrington.


Responding to a question from local MP for Warrington David Mowat, the Prime Minister said that a new bridge would form a key part of the Government’s long term economic plan to create jobs in the town as well as improving the road network.

David Mowat has been campaigning for a new high level crossing to reduce dependence on the swing bridges as well as to increase the capacity on Warrington’s overstretched road network.


In the Commons, Prime Minister David Cameron said:

A new high-level crossing from the A56 Chester road will open up a substantial area of land for development immediately south of Warrington town centre. That will provide traffic relief, resilience, jobs, homes and livelihoods, which is what our long-term plan is all about.”

Speaking after PMQs, David Mowat added:

I’m delighted that the Prime Minister has reiterated his support for this new bridge which will bring much-needed relief to motorists in my constituency who are already suffering on Warrington’s over-crowded roads. We’ve waited thirty years for a new bridge and now we are getting two additional crossings.

The Government’s long term economic plan is bringing serious investment in infrastructure and science to the region. I’m going to keep fighting Warrington’s corner when it comes to such funding because it’s the basis for securing the highly skilled jobs that we want for our children and grandchildren.”

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