New Hinkley Point reactors good news for Warrington

Local MP David Mowat today welcomed the announcement by Energy Secretary Ed Davey of a new nuclear power station to be constructed at the existing Hinckley Point site.

The new station, the first to be built in the UK for 20 years, will be constructed and financed by energy giant EDF, but the announcement is likely to create new manufacturing and engineering jobs throughout the supply chain.

The most recent estimate suggests that around 3,200 jobs in Warrington are directly connected to the nuclear supply chain and today's announcement is likely to mean that that number will rise over the next few years.

David Mowat said:

"Today's announcement, though 20 years later than it should have been, is welcome news for Warrington. We have a great many highly-skilled engineering and manufacturing companies in Warrington whose long term futures depend on Britain's nuclear industry.

"These two new reactors, on their own, will produce 7% of the UK's electricity – more than the combined maximum capacity of every onshore and offshore wind farm in the country.

"Replacing Britain's ageing coal-fired power stations with a new fleet of nuclear power stations is the best way to cut our carbon emissions whilst keeping energy bills lower for consumers."

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