It's been a pretty tumultuous year in politics, in the last seven days the Prime Ministers of Italy and New Zealand have resigned, the President of France has said he will not seek a second term and Donald Trump defied all the odds to go from joke candidate to President-elect of the USA.

Of course, in the UK, the biggest political story has been Brexit.

I cannot say that the referendum was a great advertisement for democracy.

Neither campaign covered itself in glory and at times it felt like a competition for who could create the most hyperbolic headline.

That said, more people voted Leave on June 23 than have ever voted for anything. Ever. Not in a General Election, not in a referendum, not even on X Factor!

The outcome has to be respected and the Brexit discussion must now be about the 'when' and the 'how', not the 'if'.

Back in February I wrote about the success of my Apprenticeships Fair and why more and more young people were now choosing this option over University.
I'm pleased to announce that I will be running another fair on January 20 at the Parr Hall and there will be lots of organisations on hand to offer places.
I've talked a bit about infrastructure in my columns this year and, although we are no nearer to getting the swing bridges painted, there have been developments on getting new bridges for the town.
Work on the Mersey bridge has already begun and the Government has just set aside funding for the council to develop a business case for a new high-level crossing.
I hope to be able to report further developments in 2017.
I would like to wish all Warrington Guardian readers a very Merry Christmas!