Mowat welcomes Government legislation banning "rogue" clampers

David Mowat today welcomed the Coalition Government's recent announcement on banning the clamping of vehicles on private land. The ban was promised in the formal Coalition Agreement. 

The ban, which will be introduced in the new Freedom Bill in November, will stop wheel-clamping firms in England and Wales from being able to clamp vehicles parked on private land. Once the ban is in place, anyone who clamps a vehicle or tows it away on private land will face tough penalties.

Mr Mowat said:

"I welcome this Government's decision to end the menace of rogue clampers. Some of these more unscrupulous companies were using this scheme purely to make money and would trick unsuspecting motorists into parking illegally before clobbering them with heavy fines. This is one industry that certainly won't be missed." 

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