Mowat welcomes driving test centre reopening

David Mowat, MP for Warrington South, today celebrated the reopening of the Driving Test Centre in Warrington. From today, learners will be able to take their driving tests in Warrington rather than having to travel to Runcorn, Northwich or St Helens. Initially tests will start and finish at the Paddington House Hotel in Woolston, but tests will shortly resume from the Orford Community Centre on Festival Lane.

The original test centre in Orford was closed by the previous Government in 2008. David Mowat and Cllr Paul Campbell opposed the closure at the time and have been campaigning for it to be reopened ever since. Cllr Campbell lobbied Council Officers to find a suitable location whilst David Mowat lobbied Transport Minister Mike Penning through letters, Parliamentary Questions and in Parliamentary Debates.

David Mowat said:

"I am thrilled to see the Test Centre reopening in Warrington. Labour should never have closed it in the first place. Local Instructors told me how badly it was affecting their businesses and there was a great deal of anecdotal evidence suggesting that learners in Warrington were disadvantaged because they were unable to spend as much time familiarising themselves with test routes.

"I have been lobbying transport Ministers hard since I was elected and it's great to see that that work has been rewarded."

Local Instructor Charles Owens said:

"It's not difficult to understand the benefits that will be recognised by Warrington's learner drivers with the return of this very important service to Warrington.

"David and Paul have been superb. They were in on this campaign from the start, they understood the issue and they have both been lobbying really hard to get a test centre back in Warrington. This wouldn't have happened without their combined and valuable efforts."

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