Mowat Welcomes £2.5m Cash Boost for Warrington

Warrington is set to receive over £2.5m from the Government in the next financial year after the provisional allocations for the New Homes Bonus were announced by Housing Minister Mark Prisk MP.

The New Homes Bonus scheme rewards local authorities for expanding their housing stock by match-funding the additional council tax brought in by a new home for up to six years. Local authorities also receive additional flat sums for increasing the number of affordable homes and for bringing previously empty properties back onto the market.

The £2.58 million figure puts Warrington just inside the top 20% of local authorities and it represents an increase of around £850,000 on the current financial year.

David Mowat said:

"We desperately need more homes, particularly affordable homes, in this country. Councils need to play their part in this and so it is important that, when new homes are built, the local community is able to benefit from that.

"Rather than imposing top-down targets and regional spatial strategies, the Government is putting its faith in local councils to deliver the homes Britain needs in a way that is sensitive to the needs of local communities."

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