Mowat Responds to Libraries Consultation

Local MP for Warrington South, David Mowat, this week published his formal response to the LiveWire Consultation.

Whilst giving a cautious welcome to proposals to “cluster” libraries with other well-used services, Mr Mowat raised concerns about the timetable for the opening of new services which could lead to a situation where there is no location south of the Mersey where residents can physically browse and borrow books.

Mr Mowat also highlighted the fact that Lymm would particularly badly affected by the changes, with its nearest hub being 5 miles away from the current site and with no direct bus route between the two.

Commenting on the proposals, David Mowat MP said:

It is unclear from the consultation document whether the new Hub at Broomfields would have opened before the existing facilities in Lymm and Stockton Heath had closed.

If there were to be a gap, it would mean that there would be no facility south of the River Mersey where residents could physically browse and borrow books. The fact that Stockton Heath and Lymm Libraries are amongst the best-used in the Borough suggests that this is the area where demand for library services are highest.

In the case of Lymm, this is the largest such dislocation in the town and 5 miles seems a considerable distance in the context of a relatively compact urban borough like Warrington."

You can read David's submission in full here

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  • commented 2016-11-16 14:30:42 +0000
    Dear David, the comments are quite old, does this mean you have not considered your stance on the Library situation recently? I have just read Helen Jones’ comments on Warrington Worldwide and suggest you do so. I personally have asked questions of LiveWire and had no answers so I totally agree with Helen’s sentiments. I realise we are now in “limbo” awaiting the report to Warrington Borough Council, but I think you should be querying LiveWire’s ability to produce an unbiased report based on their competency and professionalism so far exhibited. If Helen thinks ““maybe, with regards to managing our libraries, it is time to conclude that LiveWire are not fit for purpose and the service should revert back to council control” what are your opinions? I think you should consider the views of your constituents, have a look at “save warrington libraries” Facebook page and you will see the growing disillusionment with the way LiveWire have handled the whole situation. The AGM is at 7pm tomorrow, 17 November at the Jubilee Suite, Orford Neighbourhood Hub, Jubilee Way, WARRINGTON, WA2 8H might be an idea to send a representative along?
  • commented 2016-09-24 09:29:04 +0100
    That was my reaction too – the shockingly abysmal public transport system. Try, for example, catching a bus after half-seven to sday, Widnes… LOL, out of luck on that. Or from Gemini to Interchange in the evening – without an hour wait!

    Anyways, do the people representing us or employed to manage our local authority not have a clue about what the heck libraries are? Whothe main users are? Local folk, children and elderly folk. This is not rocket science. These people are not very mobile andf that very klack of mobility is one of the primary reasons these folk actually use the libraries.

    Yet the council wants to save money, be more effective in how it spends that money… stopping core public services is not being more effective. How about stopping funding a £400k-£500k waste of public resources on some festival (in which quite well-off performers & managers probably make a little nice earner, thank you)? Actually fund services that our residents need.

    Methinks a few too many Labour councillors are too cushy in the job, and this Consevrative chap is outta his depth. Look at the state of our pharmacies – he is the Pharmcies Minister and he wants to close thousand of our local pharmacies! Just a shocker.
  • commented 2016-09-23 21:19:41 +0100
    5miles does not sound a lot for us with cars but public transport in lymm is abysmally poor. Stuff the library’s and sort out some busses.