Warrington Jobs Fair

Leaving the European Union opens up many opportunities for the United Kingdom. If we are to make the most of those opportunities we need a dynamic, highly-skilled workforce, ready to take on new challenges.


One of the best ways of increasing the pool of skills amongst young people is through apprenticeships. Not only are apprenticeships a viable alternative to a university degree, they actually offer a wage, as well as on-the-job training.

Employers really value apprentices and the new skills they bring to a company. Not only that, many apprentices end up getting a full time position with the same company.

I want to do more to promote apprenticeships so I'll be holding an Apprenticeships Fair on Friday January 20th at the Parr Hall.

There'll be lots of local and national organisations lined up to tell you about the range of opportunities they have available.

You can find out more about the Fair by clicking here or by liking the Facebook Page.

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