Government commitment to the NHS not in question says Mowat

David Mowat today hit back at Labour scare stories about the NHS, noting that under the current Government, health spending was pledged to rise every year until 2015.

Recent comments from senior Labour figures have suggested that the NHS would suffer under the Conservatives, with the 2 week Cancer guarantee and the 18-week treatment guarantee allegedly being scrapped. However the Senior Cabinet minister Francis Maude made clear last week that target would stay saying that ""We are not getting rid of the two week cancer guarantee. We will keep [it] because that's a target with clear clinical validity."

Mr Mowat said:

"Rather than behaving like a responsible opposition, Labour are simply scaremongering and attempting to frighten some of the most vulnerable people in society. The Government has pledged to increase the budget of the NHS in real terms every year over the course of this Parliament. Labour have refused to support our plans so far.

"Labour's targets are meaningless unless the funding is there to achieve them. They seem ideologically committed to wasting money on vast swathes of costly bureaucracy rather than spending it on the front line services where it is most needed."

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