Future of Fiddler's Ferry raised at PMQs

Local MP for Warrington South, David Mowat raised the potential closure of Fiddler’s Ferry Power station directly with the Prime Minister this week.

Station owner Scottish & Southern Energy has announced a review of operations at the plant which could lead to a partial or complete closure of the station.

Mr Mowat questioned the wisdom of closing the UK’s coal-fired power stations only to import more electricity from countries like Germany and Holland – who are currently expanding the amount of coal that they burn.

In response, the Prime Minister stressed the Government’s commitment to energy security and suggested that Fiddler’s Ferry could still have a role to play in the future. He also noted that German electricity prices were around 40% higher than in the UK, mainly due to the high levels of environmental subsidies that German consumers pay as part of their energy bills.

Speaking after PMQs, David Mowat MP added:

It’s very difficult to explain to my constituents who stand to lose their jobs at Fiddler’s Ferry why we need to close our coal-fired power stations in order to reduce emissions – only to then import electricity from countries which are increasing the amount of coal they burn.

Sadly the UK is facing a capacity crunch because of decades of underinvestment and a chronic lack of long-term planning.”

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