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  • commented 2016-10-03 20:56:12 +0100
    I have voted for you for many years, before you ever became an MP, because I felt you genuinely cared about your electorate. I now hear that you have ‘cautiously welcomed’ the Livewire proposals to dessimate the Library provision in Warrington, which would result in no proper Town Centre library and no libraries in South Warrington. The proposals are ill thought out and a town the size of Warrington should be ashamed to remove library facilities, and their many benefits, to the majority of residents. If my understanding is correct,and you have no intention of opposing the plans, then you have permanently lost my vote. Perhaps your elevation within the government does not allow you to any longer take an active interest in local issues?
  • commented 2016-10-02 22:34:15 +0100
    Runcorn Bridge Tolls

    David, you sent an e_mail prior to the general election. In this e-mail you promised that if the Conservatives got elected, and you did also, then residents of Warrington West travelling across the Runcorn Bridge to work would not have to pay a toll. I have been travelling to work across the bridge for over 28 years. This would add @£1000 to my travel costs if I had to pay, a price I cannot afford. Could you please confirm that you will honour that promise.

    With thanks.
  • commented 2016-10-02 09:25:27 +0100
    Address/Postcode query, I work at Lloyds Pharmacy Stockton Heath, our postcode is WA46HW, and is classed by area as The Forge.I believe ‘The Forge’ to be an area in the centre of the village.

    Stockton Heath Medical Centre has a postcode-WA46HJ, however they state their address as ‘The Forge’, this is causing confusion for our customers, some receiving prescriptions from their GP, surely the location of the Medical Centre is not in The Forge? Could you look into this please
  • commented 2016-10-02 09:15:50 +0100
    I am writing to ask for your help with several issues all relating to the car park in the center of Stockton Heath. My key concern is of safety, there are no clear signs for motorists to indicate right of way, or stop signs. Marks and Spencer attracts lots of visitors who are not local and have no idea of the layout of the car park, I have witnessed several near miss situations with cars driving over the junctions where they should stop and give way? Cars enter from West Avenue and drive at speed straight through and onto the lower level car park. More clear signage is urgently needed.
  • commented 2016-10-01 22:25:01 +0100
    Dear David,

    Firstly many congratulations on becoming a Health Minister. Following your Q&A across a wide range of issues in the House prior to your “promotion” are testament to your suitability for your new role. Now the bad news. Anyone looking at the Q&A on the health service you have recently had to face and respond to can see,I believe, that the health service is drowning in a non responsive bureaucracy.. clinical commissioning this … review body that.. too much management with little accountability viz. incompetent CE from a trust in the south east eventually “resigns” to go straight through the revolving door and reemployed as a consultant. People expected the public sector merrygo round to be curtailed under this government but this hasn’t happened. Regards
  • commented 2016-10-01 11:06:12 +0100
    Runcorn Bridge Toll?

    As someone who commutes daily from Warrington to Chester over Runcorn Bridge I am deeply concerned about having to pay a toll.

    Can you please provide assurance that I will be exempt from this toll?
  • commented 2016-09-30 20:03:24 +0100
    I have just read about the proposals to charge for parking at the forge in Stockton Heath even for the first hour. I realise that the parking situation is not ideal, but forcing myself and others who refuse to pay this charge to park on residential streets is going to make the village traffic situation.even worse. Please can you do all in your power to encourage the council to abandon this cynical policy which seems to be being brought in without any obvious consultation.
  • posted about this on Facebook 2016-09-30 09:34:34 +0100
    Contact David
  • commented 2016-09-29 22:53:24 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat

    I am writing to urge you to help with the situation in Calais.

    I am very concerned to hear that the French authorities plan to destroy the Calais refugee camp on October 31st. There are not only a huge number of families living in this camp having fled conflict in the Middle East, but a large number of unaccompanied children, who have become separated from their families or their families have died during the conflict or on the dangerous journey across Europe.

    I am calling on you as my MP to pledge to take at least 5 children into the local community to help them build a new life in a safe place after the Calais camp has been demolished.

    Due to the short timescale I urge you to act swiftly to bring a small number of these displaced children into our community. Warrington has a huge network of people who campaign that Refugees are Welcome, so time to call on them to put their money where their mouth is. Show us that you have a heart. Make a public announcement with your pledge; urge colleagues to do the same.
    THIS email is important. It would be fantastic if 5 children could be saved from a dire and potentially life-threatening situation.


    Emma Bates.
  • commented 2016-09-29 22:48:49 +0100
  • commented 2016-09-29 16:37:01 +0100
    Hi David,

    A link for any Warrington would be Webmaster

    Hope you are well…
  • commented 2016-09-20 16:52:03 +0100
    Hi I’m 38 male I have problems with my teeth I have 6 teeth that are rotted in my mouth I’m get passed around no help I’m left at home not able to eat tried dentist he said he Cart help they need to be done at hospital they keep pass me a round get I’ll each day can u help me
  • commented 2016-09-20 14:40:34 +0100
    Can you help with local residents to have a better broadband. Yesterday my broadband top speed was 1mbs, couldn’t even pay my road tax!!

    All land lines in Hillside Road and Acton Avenue connect into a BT Openreach cabinet (Cabinet 15) at the Stockton Heath Exchange. It doesn’t matter whether you have regular broadband or fibre broadband – all the lines go into cabinet 15. The problem is that cabinet 15 is approximately 2.5 miles from Acton Avenue and Hillside Road. As a result, even if you’re paying for fibre broadband, you still have about 2.5 miles of copper cable between your house and the fibre cabinet – that’s why we all get slow broadband!

    What if I don’t get my broadband from BT?

    It doesn’t matter if you get broadband from BT, Sky, TalkTalk, PlusNet or any of the other broadband providers – if you have a phone line, its running over wires which are owned by BT Openreach, and they all end up in Stockton Heath village.

    In general, we receive only 4-7Mbps download speed, when the average fibre broadband speed elsewhere in Appleton is closer to 30-40Mbps.

    I’ve seen fibre cabinets along London Road – why can’t we use them?

    Despite the fact there are multiple fibre enabled cabinets along London Road, we are unable to make use of them and BT Openreach will not as a rule, re-connect individual lines.

    Can Connecting Chesire help?

    No. I’ve asked them. Their view is that we do have “fibre” broadband – even though its slow.

    What can we do?

    I have been advised that if I can gather sufficient public interest from neighbours, BT may consider the installation of a fibre-cabinet to service Hillside Road and Acton Avenue. More information about the scheme can be found at

    What will it cost?

    That’s the catch. We don’t know yet. Once I provide BT Openreach with all your names and numbers, they will assess whether its worth their while to do a survey for a new cabinet. Once they do the survey, they will let us know if a new cabinet is viable and what the possible costs might be.

    If you want to take part, I just need your full name, home address and landline phone number.

    You can either email it to me at or send it through Facebook messenger.

    Kind regards

    Andrew Collins
  • commented 2016-09-19 13:24:36 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat,

    Are you aware of the plans to close 5 Warrington libraries? I am especially interested in the fate of Penketh Library, our local Councillors are getting involved so your input would be appreciated. Libraries have been at the forefront of various health initiatives by having drop in sessions, promoting self help reading etc., so in your role as a Health Minister this is also relevant to you. A library is at the heart of the community, access to information, somewhere warm and welcoming where interaction with other human beings is also important for mental health issues such as isolation and loneliness etc. The information age should include all members of society with education in IT, access to computers, online databases, newspapers and consumer help. Please help to save our libraries.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Yours faithfully

    Jane Forshaw
  • commented 2016-09-17 17:25:25 +0100
    Hi David,

    Can you tell me or find out what is happening at the seemingly forgotten Water Works site across the road from your office on London Rd Warrington.

    It seems to have been left abandoned for several months now.

  • commented 2016-09-17 11:34:23 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowatt. I am contacting you because I am greatly concerned about the proposed changes to the library services in Warrington. I am a frequent user of Stockton Heath library and on a less frequent basis Lymm library. To lose both these libraries I feel would have a detrimental impact on the area. Access to books for children is essential to improve their life chances. To take away access to such a large volume of books that not only entain but more importantly educate children is appalling. My other concern is for the elderly who need access to libraries not only to select books but as a place where they can meet other people. We are constantly hearing how the elderly are becoming more isolated and in Warrington the council are with this proposal going to increase the social isolation of the elderly. Many elderly people do not have access to computers so will be unable to order books under the proposed new system.

    Please can you advise me of your opinion on these changes to the library system in Warrington.


    Amanda Yardley
  • commented 2016-09-16 13:09:40 +0100
    Copy of letter sent to Helen Jones, Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Warrington and Councillors and Warrington Guardian

    Good morning David

    I am a fit and healthy 66 year old woman and I thank God for it, but today I had a conversation with someone not much older than me who is in a very different position.

    She lives in Shearwarer Close, Padgate and is in poor health.

    She is distraught at the closure of the Central Library as it is her main source of reading material and entertainment and the Central Post Office .

    She used to be a whiz on computers but doesn’t have one now and can no longer read a screen for any length of time.

    She currently drags herself into town on the bus once per month to get as many books as she can carry home.

    What will she and people like her do when the library closes?

    How can a cash rich civilised society deny someone like her the means of remaining optimistic as today she was descending into depression?

    What measures will the wealthy, civilised western world put in place to help someone like my friend to remain free to use her power of choice and enable her to keep her independence with limited resources?



    I would also urge you to use your powers of lobbying to ensure that the Post Office keeps a dedicated shop in a central location rather than squashing it into W H Smith which doesn’t have enough room to accommodate queues of people.


    In a dying town centre we need to reinvent the high street, please think more broadly than cash in the till, it hasn’t worked to regenerate the town centre so far – be brave.

    With kindest regards

    Josephine Kinsey

    Birchwood Ward
  • commented 2016-09-16 10:08:26 +0100
    Urgent Appeal: We need to expose the Chinese Communists, who use electromagnetic waves and brain waves on Chinese people for mind control and clandestine persecution


    The Communist Party of China (CPC) is a proletarian political party which practices Marxist-Leninism and atheism. CPC violently seized state power to completely control the Chinese people, and they have been a central committee dictatorship in China for 67 years.

    For 67 years Chinese people have been filled with fear and bitterness from the endless persecution brought about from the catastrophe of Communism. The CPC Central Committee only focuses on one thing: how to preserve and maintain its brutal dictatorship. It seeks glory by selling out its own country, and to foreign countries China may seem like a pleasant country to trade with – but the CPC is cruel and violates the basic human rights of the Chinese people.

    As well as the ordinary Chinese people, the CPC also exploits and persecutes vast numbers of party members and cadres. The CPC deprives us of land, resources, wealth and all of our rights. The CPC Central Committee decides everything for the Chinese people. Financial expenditure in all levels of the CPC exceeds that in all levels of the government. Chinese people as well as the vast party members and cadres have raised,nourished and admitted CPC, but CPC treats Chinese people, the party members and cadres abnormally viciously, brutally and heartlessly cruelly. According to incomplete statistics, 67 years of CPC Central Committee dictatorship directly resulted in the unnatural deaths of more than 80 million people. Hundreds of millions are victims of persecution because of the number of political class struggle movements, the power struggles within the party, the great famines, and the crimes of repression towards civil freedom faith-based groups and ethnic minority groups etc.

    These persecutions are massive, systematic, ruthless and simply heinous to those Chinese people and groups who are brave, frank, and just, and to those who dare to resist and stand up to pursue democracy, freedom and belief. To give an example, the CPC arrests, abuses, tortures and slaughters Democracy Activists, Falun Gong practitioners, party dissents, civil rights activists, petitioners, minority Uyghur activists and Tibetan monks. We are more than terrified because the CPC’s devilish claws have started to spread worldwide; even Chinese who live overseas are being closely monitored, controlled and clandestinely persecuted due to the CPC’s development of military, economic, scientific and technological strengths.

    CPC has implemented the monitoring and clandestine persecution of overseas Chinese

    More and more Chinese people leave China to work and live in other countries because of their disgust of the CPC’s totalitarian rule. According to Chinese official statistics, approximately nearly 60 million Chinese are living in various countries outside of China. Such a large number of Chinese people are living in freedom and democracy; this undoubtedly impacts people inside China because overseas Chinese can deliver information about the benefits of democracy and freedom to those inside China. In order to maintain its totalitarian regime the CPC Central Committee not only brutally controls the domestic people, party members and cadres, it has also implemented stringent monitoring and clandestine persecution of overseas Chinese.

    Firstly, CPC has a considerable number of informants and secret agents who penetrate overseas Chinese communities.

    There are many overseas Chinese organizations like hometown clubs, associations, chambers of commerce, student unions, churches and political groups. Where Chinese people and Chinese organizations gather, the CPC has a considerable number of informants and secret agents, closely monitoring and also controlling and dominating.

    Secondly, CPC uses economic strategies to control overseas Chinese communities and to impact Western governments’ policy-making on China.

    Through methods such as economic empowerment and the promise of financial benefits, the CPC bribes and recruits overseas Chinese community leaders. This way, it develops underground party members in order to eulogize the CPC and to gain loyal followers. To the Western governments, the CPC sacrifices the interests of the Chinese people and the nation, and uses commercial strategies to positively affect the Western governments’ decision-making and attitude toward China.

    Thirdly, the CPC clandestinely persecutes and sometimes assassinates overseas targets.

    The CPC uses secret agents to clandestinely persecute and even assassinate certain Chinese who it perceives to be threats to its safety and interest. Overseas persecution is more covert, technical and leaves no evidence. Here are some typical but public cases illustrating this fact: China democratic movement leader Mr. Wang Bingzhang was trapped, arrested in Vietnam and sentenced to life imprisonment; the classmate of former Chinese president Hu Jintao, Mr. Zhang Mengye was assassinated in a car accident in Thailand.

    Exposing the Chinese Communist’s secret persecution crimes through my personal experience – my story

    My name is Kuo Jia. In 2006 I served as a project manager of China Shanxi Provincial Personnel Department Civil Servant Training & Guidance Centre. My father Jia Jia is the former general secretary and legal representative of China Shanxi Provincial Association of Science and Technology Experts. My father and I are long-standing, unswerving and high-profile democracy activists.

    In October 2006, my father and I publicly declared our withdrawals from the CPC, to testify and support the great tide of quitting the CPC movement. The movements which were against the CPC were the Salvation Movement, the Democratic Nation-Building Movement, and Federal Power Nation Movement which we were a part of. We engaged in a series of anti-CPC protests to criticize the heinous crimes of the CPC towards the Chinese people. At the same time we established some important political organizations like the Chinese Democratic Core Party, Chinese Overseas Democratic Government and Chinese Democratic Transitional Government.

    Why did my father voluntarily return to China to receive 8 years prison sentence after three years of withdrawal from CPC? Before 2016, I was not able to tell my full story because it was very difficult to obtain solid evidence. Clandestine persecution is highly scientific and technological, difficult to understand and discover if one doesn’t have the pertinent knowledge. If the secret persecution happened to us alone, my father and I would be willing to sacrifice and dedicate ourselves solely to obtaining democracy in China. But the Chinese Communists’ secret persecutions have penetrated so many organizations and individuals, so I have to speak out. Even my innocent wife and family are implicated.

    Here I will substantiate and expose the Chinese Communists’ secret persecution crimes through myself and my family’s experience. This is not only in order to enhance vigilance but also to rescue the victims who are being or have been persecuted by the Chinese Communists.

    The following general statement is from our personal experience of persecution. Then I will analyze and expose the Chinese Communists’ secret persecution techniques; and I will attempt to detail some of the relevant evidences.

    • My father and I were subjected to secret electromagnetic waves radiation, Father was forced to return to China and was secretly imprisoned by CPC

    In 2008 my father was granted political asylum from the United Nations and was assigned to New Zealand. Later my father and I settled in Wellington. At the end of 2008, my father and I suddenly noticed these symptoms – a lack of concentration, forgetfulness, rapid heart rate, panic attacks, and insomnia. We felt that there was some kind of invisible electromagnetic radiation with us day and night. But the people around us did not notice the same symptoms. We mistakenly believed that the symptoms were a result of the pressure put on us before, but the radiation became more and more obvious. Its frequency markedly increased and the effects on us became more pronounced. We reported it to the local police but we did not receive any reply.

    After half a year of the electromagnetic radiation, in mid-2009, my mental condition was fully broke down. I could not think and talk coherently; the high pitched electronic current sound in my head was very loud; I didn’t have an appetite and could not sleep. My weight decreased from 75 kg to 60 kg. It was mistakenly diagnosed as schizophrenia. My collapse enormously hurt my father; he blamed himself every day.

    One time my father was interviewed by the Chinese media. During the process, whilst the cameras were on, his heart rate accelerating suddenly and he experienced rapid breathing. It was difficult to speak – his symptoms were synonymous with those of a heart attack. But when the camera was turned off his symptoms subsided. My father and I believed that the Chinese Communists were secretly persecuting us. We tried to seek help again, but people could not understand our situation, and did not believe that the CPC could persecute people here in New Zealand, or indeed internationally. Also, the electromagnetic waves we were receiving could not felt by other people and people are not aware of this kind of persecution method.

    Under such circumstances, my father decided to return to China to face the Chinese Communists and to assume full responsibility, rather than to continue to have both himself and I persecuted. He was ready to sacrifice himself and dedicate himself to the cause of obtaining democracy in China. On October 22nd 2009, my father voluntarily returned to China after three years of withdrawal from the CPC and he was immediately arrested at the Beijing International Airport and secretly sentenced to eight years imprisonment. So far he is still serving his sentence in Jinzhong prison (TV3 has reported his case).

    • After my father returned to China the CPC intensified electromagnetic wave persecution on me

    Even though my father is imprisoned, the electromagnetic wave persecution to me has not stopped. But my father’s great spirit of sacrifice and courage has given me huge courage and strength. I must stay alive to see achievement of democracy in China one day. Although the electromagnetic radiation continues to haunt me, I persist with my work, study, physical exercise, and Falun gong. I have slowly begun to adapt to this kind of torture. I have been suffering mental pain but I have not given up, which makes Chinese Communists very uneasy. They know that this kind of persecution will be disclosed sooner or later.

    For this reason, the CPC secret agents implemented a more brutal and systematic persecution agenda against me in April 2010. A ‘friend’ who I believe is a hidden CPC secret agent told me that she had a method of restoring health for me. She let me stay in her house, but the fruits and drinks her and her family gave to me tasted very unusual. I felt like I was in danger. But I had no choice except to try and reveal the fact of the Chinese Communists’ secret persecutions to overseas Chinese. Therefore I decided to explore the inside story.

    One night when I was alone in her living room, I felt unprecedented high-frequency electromagnetic waves lasting for at least half an hour. My skull felt like it was pressing on my brain and my eyes were rolling back into my head; I felt very dizzy and ill. I felt extremely weak and nearly passed out. I was aware this time’s radiation was similar to the electromagnetic wave radiation my father and I suffered previously, which was of a slightly lower frequency.

    The following day I was too tired and weak to withstand further high-frequency electromagnetic waves so I told her I wished to leave. But she rejected this idea immediately and tried to prevent me from leaving her house. But I managed to escape and made phone calls to police and also to attempt to contact a friend in Hong Kong to let her know what was happening to me. After a few minutes outside of the woman’s house a car rapidly approached and a friend of hers got out from the car with a silver metal case, and then quickly advanced towards me. The closer he came to me the stronger I could feel those same electromagnetic waves. My intuition told me that I must escape immediately because the police had not come yet. However, regardless of where I was going these people could find me quickly and always managed to track me, therefore I threw my cell phone away.

    I got a ride to the airport. When the car passed an open area I got out of the car and used the driver’s phone to call the police again. Within a few minutes, there were several cars parked on the roadside, however none of them were the police. After about 20 minutes a police car finally arrived and the officer told me that he knew my so-called friend and that according to the friend I am crazy and stole a cell phone. I was arrested immediately and my report case was completely ignored. I was sent to the police station and placed into solitary confinement.

    After a few minutes of being in solitary confinement the unprecedented high frequency electromagnetic wave appeared again. My head felt like it was splitting; I shouted but no one cared. I pounded the door for help. About half an hour later a police officer opened the door. I reported that I was subjected to electromagnetic waves persecution by the Chinese Communist’s secret agency. Whilst I was saying this, the person who was carrying the silver metal case came to the police station. He told the police I was a mental case and that he was required to take me away. But I stressed that he did not have any authority to do so. Afterwards, many officials talked to me until late into the night. I guess the Chinese Communist had a lot of influence, because I was sent to a totally enclosed psychiatric hospital. Because it was very late at night, the psychiatric hospital was empty and I couldn’t see anyone. I was alone sitting on the floor; and after being there for about 20 minutes the extremely high frequency electromagnetic waves appeared again. It was intolerable. I had no way to escape and lost consciousness.

    The next day I woke up and there were many patients and nurses milling around me. I was still lying on the ground. Fortunately, I was still alive and the electromagnetic wave radiation had temporarily stopped. In the psychiatric hospital, the doctor asked me to take medication and did a series of medical examinations. The doctor also revealed that my blood pressure and iron levels were extremely low, and that my cerebral cortex had wrinkled and shrunk. However the good thing was that the police had provided me with some protection, because they had received some evidence which supported my claims. But due to the strong pressure from the CPC, the local police have not disclosed the evidence or taken action against the CPC.

    According to one of my reports, mine and my father’s GP Dr Ben Gray is quoted: ’There’s significant element that what J is expressing about the Chinese government is true, that the Chinese govt. is out to get him is rational rather than delusional. Dr Gray stated he’s happy to be contacted if required.’

    • Further torture persecution methods against me have failed

    The CPC is afraid of the exposure of their secret electromagnetic waves persecution method against Chinese living in New Zealand and other non-Chinese countries. And of course, it is very easy to leave evidence if I am directly attacked; so the CPC continues with this secret persecution. After the incidents I related above, the high-frequency electromagnetic waves radiation continued at a slightly lower frequency than before. I figured that their aim was to make me a complete mental case so that I would appear to lose my intelligence and ability to expose the Chinese Communists’ secret persecution and therefore none of this would be believed by either the public or people in authority. Understand that this is the CPC’s method against dissidents on the Chinese mainland as well – many of them have ended up committing suicide as a result.

    Low-frequency electromagnetic waves make my brain ring, similar to the buzzing sound of a high pitched electrical current. Despite not being able to escape from this, I am staunchly alive and have a clear mind. I believe that my central nervous system is slowly recovering through lots of physical exercise and practicing Falun Gong.

    The Chinese Communist’s secret electromagnetic waves persecution did not achieve the anticipative aim after a few years of radiation. Therefore, the Chinese Communists became even more concerned about exposure of their crimes. In February 2014, I believe the CPC used both electromagnetic waves and brain control technology to persecute me, which was more clandestine and scientifically technological.

    One night at the beginning of February 2014, a thought suddenly implanted into my mind. Initially I did not realize that this was continued persecution and I mistakenly believed that God or advanced life was communicating to me. After about two weeks of communication, this thought commanded me to jump from a high building and do some very dangerous errands, which resulted in my second compulsory hospitalization. I realized that was the Chinese Communists’ way of persecuting me via mind control. 4

    Once in a conversation with a local government official, I was told clearly that the local police have already mastered this electromagnetic technology. But because of the relationship between the two countries there was no conclusion about how to deal with such an incident.

    • My innocent wife has been implicated in this persecution

    In August 2014, I met my wife, a few months after I was discharged from hospital. She is a virtuous and kind-hearted girl. We soon married, and thought we could have a calm life. However after six months of our marriage my innocent wife also got symptoms – brain ringing sounding like the buzz of an electrical current. It has been going on for nearly one year. What’s more, I am very concerned about our baby; she is only 9 months old! She has a great deal of difficulty sleeping. We noticed she sometimes scratches her ears very hard, causing them to bleed. So I am suspicious that she already feels the effects! What could happen to my daughter? I have no choice but to protect my family and also to perform my responsibility by exposing the CPC’s secret persecution crimes. I must make the public aware of this in order to save my family and those who are being or have been subjected to persecution. Only with the help of international communities and public force can these crimes be stopped. Here is a link to my wife’s statement and my daughter’s bleeding ear photos -

    An attempt to analyze the technical methods of simulating human brain waves by electromagnetic waves

    Electromagnetic waves: these are shock particles waves which are formed when an electric field couples with a magnetic field. The magnetic and electric fields of an electromagnetic wave are perpendicular to each other.

    The carrier of the electromagnetic waves is a photon, and does not need to rely on media; its velocity in a vacuum is the speed of light. The electromagnetic waves we are familiar with in day-to-day life include radio, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, Y-ray, gamma ray waves and so on 1. Current artificial electromagnetic wave devices can launch, as needed, the frequency, wavelength, and strength of the electromagnetic waves.

    Brain Waves: when the brain operates, neurons mobilize biological power, which in turn produce a biological magnetic field. Together, the brain and the heart launch a variety of biological electromagnetic waves: the biological electromagnetic waves from the brain are called brain waves. Normal brain waves are low frequency and long wavelength biological electromagnetic waves are between 0.1-100HZ. 1 2

    Studies reveal that different people’s brains launch brain waves of different frequency combinations; this is a characteristic which is a unique source of identification, like the fingerprint. This research is carried out by the Medical Engineering Research Institute of Taiwan National Chiao Tung University. 3

    The CPC’s secret electromagnetic waves persecution is based on this principle. Firstly by using the high sensitivity of the electromagnetic receiving devices they receive, collect and enlarge the human brain’s biological electromagnetic wave signals which are generated when the brain operates, then they record the brain waves’ frequency combination, and analyse them via high tech computers. An artificial electromagnetic waves device emits the electromagnetic waves which are in accordance with an individual’s characteristic frequencies and wavelength, to emulate these. In that way, only the brain from which the data has been collected can be affected by the electromagnetic waves which are emitted by the artificial electromagnetic device. It resonates when the similar frequencies and wavelengths’ artificial electromagnetic waves meet the human brain’s biological electromagnetic waves. Depending on the strength of the electromagnetic waves emitted, in less serious cases they can stimulate one’s central nervous system to experience mind disorders, confusion, sleep disorders, memory loss, fatigue, tinnitus, ‘brain ringing’ and nervousness, eyes rolling back into the head, a feeling of slow-wittedness, slow reactions and so on. In severe cases it causes loss of consciousness, fainting, loss of normal brain function, contraction of the brain, and can even lead to death. 47

    The long-term electromagnetic waves radiation can cause the iron elements in the human body to vibrate and decompose. The main symptoms of this blood condition are a decrease of the number of white blood cells, red blood cells and iron levels. At the same time it causes damage to the immune system, causes low blood pressure, the heart rate increases, and it can even cause cancer. 57

    Using infrasonic wave radiation that is less than 16HZ on the human body or brain would have greater resonance and cause more serious harm. Radiation to the heart can reduce the permeability and tension of blood vessels, and coupled with the effect of vibrating blood cells and thus blood expansion, can cause blood vessels to literally explode. Radiation to the brain can strongly stimulate one’s central nervous system which causes insanity, fainting, and loss of normal brain function. If the strength of emission is very strong it can cause instantaneous death. 46

    More worthy of our attention is the low-frequency and long wavelength electromagnetic waves which travel fast, long-distance, and have strong penetrative properties. If there are launch stations in different regions of the world and launch device can be remotely controlled. Therefore, it is not alarmist for Chinese Communists to implement direct control and clandestine persecution to Chinese people all over the world.

    My Acknowledgement of Artificial Brain Waves Information Implantation

    People’s brains are not only able to launch biological electromagnetic waves but can also receive the same frequency of brain waves. As noted previously, everyone has a different frequency combination of brain waves. After a computer analysis produces specific brain wave signals at certain frequencies, an electromagnetic waves emission device emits frequencies simulating a brain waves’ electromagnetic signal to the specific human brain, and it can achieve ‘information implantation’. If the strength of the emission is strong, the original human brain wave signals could be covered, which results in information implantation and brain control. 4

    The analysis of my experiences of being persecuted – how did it happen?

    In 2010, I wrote an article about being vigilant about the Chinese Communists implementing secret persecution. In this I mentioned that I experienced two strange Chinese media interviews. I believe Chinese Communists used the interviews to record and collect my brain wave frequency combination by using a disguised VCR, held unusually close to my head, which was actually a brain waves receiver device.

    My brain waves pattern was analyzed and the brain waves characteristic to me were used to produce electromagnetic waves simulating my brain waves to attack me and cause radiation. Because it is my own brain wave frequency, even the people around me could not feel the radiation. My father also experienced the same persecution, which is the true reason he was forced to return to China and was arrested immediately in Beijing International Airport.

    In order to enable the most destructive effect of this persecution, the Chinese Communists agents let me take a large number of ferrous drinks and fruits before the intense electromagnetic waves attack, so that the iron elements in my body attained maximum resonant destruction under the electromagnetic radiation. The high strength electromagnetic waves caused my central nervous system disorder and my cortex to shrink.

    Why did my wife also get the symptoms of electromagnetic waves radiation? Research shows that people such as parents, brothers, couples and their children living together and experiencing a good relationship end up with brain waves that are at a similar frequency 2. So after half a year with my wife, her brain waves frequencies became similar to mine. Therefore she also receives the electromagnetic waves radiation which is directed at me. I believe my 9 months old daughter also feels the effects.

    Before I finished this article my very close friend told me that he had experienced the low pitched electronic sound when he lived with me, but he has not experienced this since he moved out.

    • The social harm of electromagnetic waves and brain waves persecution

    Electromagnetic waves and brain waves are invisible; so using this kind of technology to persecute and attack people is highly elusive, confusing and illegal. It means people can be harmed and murdered with no evidence. This kind of persecution is extremely evil; it is cruel mental torture and the mental anguish suffered causes people to exhibit mental problems, similarly disordered symptoms, and therefore they lose the ability to tell a credible story and expose the CPC’s crimes. The result is, Chinese Communists have nothing to fear – after all, who believes the stories of mental patients? In the history of the CPC’s persecution their usual methods are to cause their victims to become mental patients, and then lock them in mental hospitals or even make them commit suicide.

    Electromagnetic waves travel fast, long-distance, have strong penetration, and can be remotely controlled. Therefore, it is really not alarmist to say that the Chinese Communists are able to control and clandestinely persecute Chinese people all over the world. I was granted New Zealand citizenship in 2013, but the secret persecution has not stopped. Where can Chinese people be safe? The CPC is an aggressor towards foreign nations, and Chinese Communists are a threat to world peace and security when they use such technology worldwide to persecute people.

    In accordance with my past work experience in the Chinese governmental department as well as what I have seen and heard overseas, I am quite sure the Chinese Communists have already extensively used this technology to control and persecute the high-ranking officials in Party, government, army and police, and also to the dissidents, minorities, faith-based groups etc. 8. If these secret persecution crimes can not be exposed Chinese Communists would still firmly control and persecute Chinese people, masses of party members and cadres. Thus continues the brutal regime of the CPC Central Committee dictatorship.

    • The root cause I survive under such cruel persecution

    The root cause of I am able to survive over 8 years of brutal persecution is not only a strong will, survival instinct and an immortal dream of democracy. More importantly to me, I have a strong faith and God’s help. My motto is this: I believe that misery must eventually end and that paradise on earth must finally come through my prayers.

    The Chinese Communists utilize science and technology to persecute Chinese people, and masses of party members and cadres. But they do not believe that all science and technology are derived from God. There is no contradiction between science and faith.

    Faith can help people to have a better understanding of this world and this world’s science and technology. In the face of the Chinese Communists’ secret mental torture persecution, I believe as long as we establish a spirit of fearlessness, admiration of God and love for our fellow humans, we can overcome the Chinese Communists’ evil persecution.

    An appeal to help those persecuted by electromagnetic waves

    For the victims this persecution is worse than murder and it is kind of living death. This persecution is a flagitious crime and a serious violation of basic human rights.

    Therefore, I appeal to the international communities, the Western governments, justice and human rights groups as soon as possible to launch an investigation into the Chinese Communists’ use of electromagnetic waves to persecute Chinese people and Falun Gong practitioners, masses of party members and cadres. I would like to provide my personal and family experience, and to fully cooperate with the investigation in order to stop this evil persecution as early as possible, to save those victims who are being or have been subjected to such persecution. At the same time, I also wish to popularize the knowledge of electromagnetic waves and brain waves, to enhance people’s awareness and provide electromagnetic waves and brain waves monitoring equipment to the public, to eliminate unnecessary fear due to lack of understanding. We need to completely eradicate this kind of persecution.

    Even if the Chinese Communists can provide a lot of economic benefits to international communities, international communities should find a balance between their interests and justice, and international legislation should prohibit such technology used in negative way. We need to pursue justice and eliminate this threat.

    To conclude

    In order to maintain its autocracy, the CPC Central Committee do not hesitate to use all means necessary to control and persecute Chinese people, Falun Gong practitioners, masses of party members and cadres. All Chinese people and , Falun Gong practitioners and masses of party members and cadres are victims of the Chinese Communism. To fundamentally end the persecution and break away from the evil Communist control it is essential to achieve China’s political democracy, the rule of justice and religious freedom. Over the 8 years of being persecuted I have looked forward to China’s democracy every single day. Because only the realization of democracy can end the dictatorship, only the realization of democracy can end the persecution.

    In the end, I entreat all media and media workers to report and reproduce the fact that my family and I are being secretly persecuted by Chinese Communists. Through our case of persecution I want to let more people clearly recognize the evil nature of the Chinese Communists. Launch a wide exposure of the persecution movement. Conform to the recent global development of unrestricted communication, information access and democracy. Thereby, end the CPC Central Committee dictatorship’s brutal regime as early as possible; aid China in realizing democracy, just laws, freedom and human rights.

    I once again pray: May God bless Chinese people, May God help Chinese people realize democracy soon!

    Kuo Jia

    Writing at 12th July 2016 in Wellington


    Some relevant evidence I collected

    1. Past 8 years, some doctors’ clinical reports:








    2. The evidence of local police:

    With regard to the evidence of local police, we need a wide range of public concern and an official inquiry for the evidence to be made public.

    3. My innocent wife’s statement and medical report:


    4. Photos of my innocent daughter’s bleeding ear:

    5. The statement of the person who lived with me:

    6. Photos of me before and after being persecuted.

    Photos before persecution:


    Photos after persecution:


    Recent Photos:


    Reference as follows:

    1 Electromagnetic waves


    Brain Waves


    2 Recognizing the brain waves


    3 Brain waves identification system


    4 About high-tech crime

    Http:// Forumid=1011&threadid=275660364&page=1&full=true
    epidemiological survey about neurological behaviour effects on the military under high strength electromagnetic radiation


    of blood components under long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation Http://

    7 Exploration of electromagnetic waves and the effect on the human body


    8 Chinese officials frequently commit suicide



  • commented 2016-09-15 21:58:04 +0100
    Dear David,

    What are you going to do to stop closures of Warrington libraries? There has been no public announcement about the intention to close libraries. It all happened hush-hush. I am so upset about the closures. I live in Lymm and cannot imagine what we would have done without our library. You need to listen to your electorate, David. Thanks.
  • commented 2016-09-15 13:55:09 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat

    I am writing to ask for your help to stop Warrington’s proposed closure of libraries. I live in Lymm and use Lymm Library weekly, not just for borrowing books but also for use of their computers which give me access to the internet and my e-mail. The loss of the library would have a big impact on my life and, I believe ,the community at large. I know they are offering a book lending service involving the internet and lockers but this takes away the pleasure of visiting the library and interacting with the staff and other members of the community. The library is always busy, surely there are other ways of saving money.

    I do hope you will do all in your power to make sure the feelings of the local people are taken into full account before it is too late.
  • commented 2016-09-14 23:19:54 +0100
    Allowing ‘faith’ schools to select 100% on the basis of parent’s religion is an abomination. To be told ‘you can’t come to this school because you’re an Anglican/Catholic/Muslim/Jew’ is totally wrong. By all means allow churches to provide schools, but who goes to which school should have nothing to do with religion. We are one of only 3 countries in Europe which allows such discrimination. How do we build an integrated society if children are taught in isolation
  • commented 2016-09-14 21:58:44 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat

    We’re writing to you as our local MP because since the beginning of September the No 6 bus has been re-routed down All Saints Drive.

    We consider that Warrington Borough Transport’s decision is inappropriate on the grounds of safety – to pedestrians, residents, and other car users in All Saints Drive. At the same time the decision deprives residents of Stockport Road who are dependent on the bus of a vital link to Warrington town centre. The reasons are as follows:

    Driving down All Saints Drive to Thelwall New Road is already problematic. The road narrows at an awkward turn in the road just after the junction with Moore Avenue and Parry Drive. This makes it very difficult to see upcoming traffic because of the many parked cars.

    The right hand turn from Thelwall New Road is already awkward. Coming from Latchford it is not easy to see oncoming traffic at the junction with All Saints Drive because of the narrowing of Thelwall New Road, the sharp bend, and the hedge on the bend.

    Every day, morning and afternoon, children come out of the side entrance of Thelwall Primary School at the bottom end of All Saints Drive – which drivers may not be aware of.

    All Saints Church, the only church in Thelwall, is frequently used for funerals. On some occasions, the overflow from the small church car park typically extends up to Moore Avenue and beyond.

    The Deans Lane bus stop is a far more appropriate place for a bus to park prior to beginning its journey back to Warrington. Stockport Road there is wide, and traffic can pass in both directions with no trouble at all.

    There are elderly residents in Stockport Road who are unable to drive. To walk to the All Saints Drive bus stop is a considerable step along the busy A56, neither side of which has a continuous pavement; to pick up a No 5 bus from the Laskey Lane or the Thelwall Brook stop involves a strenuous, uphill return journey – both options are arduous.

    In the light of the nuisance and inconvenience to Thelwall residents that has resulted from routing a bus down All Saints Drive, we would ask you to press for Warrington Borough Transport to reinstate the Stockport Road route.

    Kind regards

    Philip and Margaret Morey
  • commented 2016-09-14 16:43:15 +0100
    Dear sir

    I implore you to act on our behalf to bring an end to the use of All Saints Drive Thelwall as a new route for network warrington buses on purely safety grounds.

    All Saints Drive is by far the narrowest of the roads that join Thelwall New Road to Stockport Road

    It provides only designated “safe access” to Thelwall Junior School ( the only other access is off the main road)

    All Saints Drive also serves as sole access to the village church and on Sundays, weddings, funerals and christenings the road is barely passable by a car let alone double and single double decker buses.

    You have been able to rely on mine and other residents support over the years i sincerely hope we can rely on yours,

    I await to see your response as soon as possible


    Ian Scott

    Sent from my iPhone
  • commented 2016-09-14 04:29:38 +0100

    I am sorry! please forgive!

    I do not speak English, translation writing to you to apologize with Google LiJinZheni

    I’m on the CCP blacklist

    So I can not use real names in the top twitter

    Our country we happen brutally persecuted

    We Falun Dafa,Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance

    Brief Introduction to Falun Dafa

    Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong) is an advanced self-cultivation practice of the Buddha School. Falun Dafa was founded by Mr. Li Hongzhi, the practice’s master. It is a discipline in which “assimilation to the highest qualities of the universe—Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance)—is the foundation of practice. Practice is guided by these supreme qualities, and based on the very laws which underlie the development of the cosmos.”

    We were brutally persecuted Communist repression

    17 years

    Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted to death millions of people

    CCP Organ Harvesting

    So I urgently appeal on twitter

    Lives to tell the world what’s happening

    Good people want to be saved

    I mistakenly put you as a Communist spy

    I am sorry! Please forgive my mistakes judgment

    Falun Gong practitioners sincerely


  • commented 2016-09-13 08:55:06 +0100
    Dear David,

    I am very concerned about the current plans for Livewire to close Stockton Heath and Lymm libraries. My whole family use the library very frequently and it has been key element of making my children avid readers. I also use it as a great reference resource. The library also provides a fantastic focal point as they host many activities as well as provide a place for me to bump into many familiar faces.

    It upsets me greatly that Livewire have no plans to have a library in south Warrington.

    I also wish to highlight that the current libraries in the Neighbourhood hubs are not a patch on the free-standing libraries. For example, Orford library holds no children’s audio books.

    Please do all in your power to oppose the current cuts to Livewire libraries.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ross Baird
  • commented 2016-09-12 23:58:16 +0100
    Dear Mr mowat

    Please support the fight to keep Warrington libraries open.

    Here in Penketh there are a large number of elderly people who use the library as a way of meeting people and having someone to talk to,especially the very many widowed people.

    I personally used the libraries regularly with my grandchildren and would like to ensure that the next generation of grandparents would have easy access to a local library.

    Bus routes have been altered and if they move this library to great Sankey leisure centre how do people who do not drive or cannot walk too far get to the top of Barrowhall Lane?

    Libraries are a great place to get children interested in books as there are always lots of different books to choose from

    Please support the campaign to keep warrington libraries open.

    Many thanks.

    Shelley a. Christopher. .
  • commented 2016-09-12 20:57:34 +0100
    Dear David,

    I am a resident in Lymm and write about the proposals to close the

    library in Lymm and many other places in Warrington South and replace with a lending locker and twice annual events. It would be such a great shame to loose this wonderful community hub and replace it with these soulless alternatives. As a mum to two young children, I value our library as part of what makes it

    great to raise a family in our lovely village. The alternative on offer

    does not in any way substitue for this. Changes may be necessary but taking away this service entirely cannot be the only option.

    I am strongly against the proposal. I would be interested to hear your

    thoughts on the proposal and hope that you are also against them.

    Yours sincerely,

    Gemma Peers
  • commented 2016-09-12 09:33:54 +0100
    Change in Bus route,

    David, I am a resident in All Saints Drive Thelwall and wanted to write to you as this is a major accident waiting to happen. Network Warrington (without consultation to any residents or the Junior School) have decided to use this road as a bus route which is totally unacceptable on a number of fronts.

    This is a 20 mile an hour road for good reason – there is a school and a park entrance on it – we now have single AND double decker buses coming down it breaking this speed limit and going on curbs to get round cars !

    at the bottom to turn left they have to go onto the other side of the road and the bend is to tight , its difficult enough for cars – there will either be a crash or a child will get hurt going to or from school.

    its crazy – there is hardly room for cars to get by down the street …. when there is an event on at church or school (there was on Wedding on Saturday) the road is full of cars, as it is at school times, why someone thought this would make a good bus route is totally beyond me and yet again proves that money is the only factor Network Warrington care about – a fact that David Blainey clearly writes in a resident response which I could not believe. I can not believe that these decisions can be taken without any consultation or indeed notification to residents or the school – how do the traffic commissioner’s make these decisions – you only have to look at the road to see its unsuitable.

    We need your support to make safety come before profits !

  • commented 2016-09-09 09:07:07 +0100
    I attended the Lymm “Consultation” evening last night. Please help us to save the local libraries including Lymm. The turnout last night was tremendous, Lymm had the largest number of books borrowed last year so to close it would affect a huge number of your constituents. And the “library” is not just books – it is a meeting place for young and old.
  • commented 2016-09-08 22:04:48 +0100

    Please help save the libraries, with a young child we regularly use Penketh library.

    How can they justify pretty much closing all the libraries in favour of a few hubs. Please as our elected representative do everything you can to save them.