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  • commented 2016-12-15 08:29:12 +0000
    I am concerned about the recent barrage of news about care for the elderly. These are currently the wealthiest demographic in the country, property, pensions and investment. These wealthy elderly SHOULD pay for their own care, and told that is the state of play. Only the very needy should be helped. Why should the young people of this country pay for the rich elderly who get winter fuel allowance, bus passes and other benefits. A stringent means testing needs to be employed in this ailing welfare state, that is FAIR for all who wish to continue having a welfare state.
  • commented 2016-12-14 07:56:42 +0000

    What action are you taking to prevent the investigation of the actions of British troops in Northern Ireland during the troubles?

    It seems that PSNI are determined to bring charges against people who served their nation in the most difficult of situations and there is to be no investigation intimidates caused by the terrorists who caused the trouble.

    It increasingly seems that this Government, despite some apparently empty words from Mrs May, intends to allow the disgraceful persecution of our military for allegations made by enemies of our country.
  • commented 2016-12-13 20:35:16 +0000
    Dear David, Please stop this Foreign Aid nonsense at once. A report today instanced several harebrained schemes receiving Aid. In one, allegedly to combat climate change, our DFID pushovers spent £15 MILLION on attempting to reduce flatulence in Colombian cattle. I ask you, David, do we not suffer climate change in the Uk ? Do we not have lots of cattle here ? If we HAD to throw £15 MILLION at this problem were it not better to throw it here in the UK, or did those buffoons at the DFID consider British cows too refined to fart ?? STOP. WASTING. OUR. MONEY !
  • commented 2016-12-12 14:02:28 +0000
    Hello David, I live near some Europians in a golden gates housing trust social housing property. They share flats with 10 or more people shouting all night, old washing machines clanking away all night and day, I made a complaint to golden gates housing who have done nothing, I dropped 20kg on their ceiling! They are different people to us, same as them Muslim lot stalking the streets as cab drivers, responsible for half the drugs round here! Wake up man…
  • commented 2016-12-06 19:13:30 +0000
    The Honoured and Humble David For those who didn’t vote for me, I am still your MP and I pledge to listen to and work hard on behalf of all my constituents – regardless of how they vote. Unless you are a victim of gght then I won’t reply at all.
  • commented 2016-12-06 10:52:28 +0000
    It is imperative that the will of the people is honoured and as the same people’s representative it is your responsibility to ensure their wishes are delivered NOT by following a Party’s line. Consequently DO NOT stand in the way of the implementation of Article 50.

    I would be obliged if you explained why in our democratic society would you on two counts, as representative and respecting the referendum results, attempt to obstruct due process?

    It is an insult and a slight on the people you represent should you suggest that they didn’t know what they were voting for. Your Government delivered a pamphlet to EVERY household in the country CLEARLY explaining what we were voting for including The Single Market.
    DO NOT underestimate us as it will be at your cost, we have demonstrated by voting for Brexit our beliefs, will and power and we are ready to go again.
  • commented 2016-12-04 12:14:44 +0000
    I recently discovered you voted against the WASPI women and the fight to have their stolen pensions restored to them so I realise my post is lost on you.

    Division 100, State Pensions Age. Women-Hansard Online.

    Hope you remember this when it’s time for us to vote, I will and 2.6million others.
  • commented 2016-12-03 13:32:03 +0000
    Hello David, I feel uncomfortable going to a Doctors now, David I think the Tax on tobacco is wrong! I side with the non smokers about educating young people about smoking, but I’ve been smoking 50 years, some other smokers longer, I notice concern for other addictions! the tax is unfair to over 50s? and to be honest David smoking dog ends, cheaper tobacco, skipping meals and going without heating is worse for my health then being able to buy 20 cigarettes?

    I wondered if by calculating the average cost of a death if it would be possible to predict the future running cost of the NHS?

    I’m also uncomfortable walking passed the same homeless people,

    if you could pass a contact link for any of these concerns thanks. Hope you are still enjoying the work as our MP, I voted Bent 👤
  • commented 2016-12-02 09:46:53 +0000

    On my way to work this morning (I work in Liverpool city centre) I noticed a woman on Castle Street in a wheelchair (double lower limb amputee) attempting to hail a taxi. It was clear that taxi drivers were not stopping for her and so I stopped and asked whether I could help her get a taxi. Her name is Paula. She was on her way to work in Old Hall Street at the passport office. She gets a taxi from the station because its so hard to push herself as its not far but all uphill. I work nearby and so I said I would push her. I said to Paula that she could do with a motorised wheelchair. She told me she is not entitled to one – if she gets a motorised chair, they will take the manual one off her. She likes the manual one as its much easier around the house and the shops, but it seems she cannot have both!! Is this real? Sometimes she gets a taxi to the station on her way home as well if the weather is bad. She goes to the Radisson where the staff call one for her but sometimes she waits for over an hour for a taxi as the drivers avoid the fare. This is because its such a short journey (Moorfields) and because she is in a wheelchair. She can spend up to £10 a day on taxis (on top of all the difficultly actually getting a driver to take her) to and from the station. Its a 5 minute walk for those who are able. Paula has to use the exit from the station that is furthest away from where she works as there is not a lift at the other exit.

    I am absolutely furious that Paula cannot have a motorised chair to help her get to work. Please explain. I am happy to pay 40% tax but not so it can be spent on trident missiles, Buckingham Palace and miscellaneous stately homes. I want my taxes to help people like Paula. Please do not tell me she will be in receipt of mobility benefits – that does not help when the taxi drivers do not stop for you.

    I look forward to hearing from you

  • commented 2016-11-24 11:27:12 +0000
    Hello David,

    I contacted on Monday 19/09/16 regarding the Mersey Gateway and have not yet received a reply.

    Could you look into at all please?

    Kind regards

  • commented 2016-11-23 01:07:25 +0000
    Hello Mr Mowat

    I would like to know when you hold a surgery in Great Sankey
  • commented 2016-11-22 19:37:48 +0000
    Good evening Mr Mowatt.

    I am contacting you in your official position within the Governments Health department. .

    My concern is the ever worsening situation of ‘care for the elderly’ and in particular the care of those people suffering with Dementia related conditions.

    I’m sure you will know of yesterday’s Panorama programme about failing care homes in Cornwall ? Whilst this was a shocking exposure I’m sure there are many other homes across England which are every bit as bad but I think it also highlights the fact that the private sector is totally unprepared for the rapidly increasing number of people needing good quality care homes.

    The situation is being made much worse by the NHS trying to offload elderly patients into the private sector to ease their ‘bed blocking’ problems and social services closing their own care facilities due they say to budget cuts.

    Other agencies also seem to be adding to the problems, for e.g. The CQC do an admirable job in highlighting failing homes but one unintended consequence of their inspections , as demonstrated in the Panorama programme, is that the home in question has decided to close. I know of three care homes in my own area who have closed for the same reasons in recent months. Where does that leave the poor residents in these homes? where do they go when all other local homes are full and have long waiting lists ?

    Many other organisations such as the Alzheimer’s society and Age Uk have recently issued warnings about the situation reaching ‘tipping point’

    This is no exaggeration and must surely be ringing alarm bells in the Department of Health ? Very urgent action is required before the situation gets totally out of hand. Some long term planning is needed even if it means increasing taxes to pay for it.

    I would be very interested to hear your response.
  • commented 2016-11-20 20:46:38 +0000
    Dear David,

    I am also writing to you for the same reasons as Laura Boland, It is suggested that we should write to our MP’s to express our disgust with the situation in Aleppo in the hope that it will make a difference; but will it? What I would like to ask is what do you suggest I should do or who I should contact to try and stop whoever is responsible for the murder of civilians; the gassing of children & the destruction of hospitals?
  • commented 2016-11-20 19:58:06 +0000
    Dear David, I’m overwhelmed and sickened by the events in Aleppo. Whilst I appreciate it’s a complex situation please can you continue you pressure our government to act and do what they can to get aid and protection to the civilians trapped inside the city. The recent bombing of the children’s hospital disturbs me greatly, what are we doing to prevent future events like this and to hold those responsible accountable?

    Regards. Laura Boland
  • commented 2016-11-18 12:55:15 +0000
    Hello David,

    I’m only airing my views if you are busy no need of a reply? Firstly about smoking tax I’ve been smoking 50 years, up to a few years ago I used to run a mile into town and do 12 rounds boxing training! I found out 35 thousand die a year of lung cancer, only a percentage are smokers!!! I would even agree with no smoking in public, the tax is unjustified, so when the Government see a rebellious public remember there are 6 million smokers…

    I’m unemployed and the last job I went for there was 86 other applicants according to indeed, likely more after me.

    I did spend 10 years in prison from the age of 14 the Judge complemented me saying I was a hardened criminal, I moved here from the South to simply start afresh I had trouble from a group of lads all wearing blue overalls every day for 8 years I took no notice but did mention it to your wonderful gght housing officer when they kept attacking an old boy next door with lung cancer (a no smoker) he was 70 on his last legs, gght took no notice! There’s is about 100 of the lads but gght have no idea about them! I really had to keep self control as there are 30’000 of us back home old Rockers just in one club! Then British gas over charge me a £1000+ during the time of paying back this bill on £40pw I lost 8 stone my hair fell out and had 3 heart attacks just as I was recovering gght started coming round because my flat was untidy I was told to do endless amounts of cleaning after being that I’ll , I’m recovering now but I’m over 6’6" tall the xxl clothing in shops don’t fit I’m almost 30 stone but no fat my ribs even show :-) I was 16 stone as a kid with heavy bones, I get no support at all being unable to buy clothes that’s why I stopped training as my last set of clothes became to worn out, all in the Government are clocking up huge heath bills for the future they are not saving money at all, to top it all I see migrants and Europe travelers taking our homes and our people sleeping on the streets! They will be expected to fight any future wars while the migrants and others will run off again! If you got this far David thank you very much there’s so much more but this should be sufficient! I won’t plug gght this time who say their homes meet Government standards 100%! They won’t even talk to me about repairs that should have been fixed 15 years ago before I moved in!!! Thanks again

    Alan J Peck…
  • commented 2016-11-17 12:10:24 +0000
    The HS2 rail link announcement from Birmingham to Manchester reminded me that I’d applied for an appointment at one of your local surgeries to discuss the topic. Your PA gave me to understand that your Secretary would call to make the arrangement, but nothing transpired. No doubt you’re extra busy at the moment.

    Anyway, the point of trying to see you was to suggest a scheme which could run in parallel with the construction of the rail line. I have written before pointing to the greater priority to improve road links because they are already woefully inadequate, both generally and specifically in the context of supporting the Northern Powerhouse concept. As extra vehicle access alongside will be necessary to support the construction of the new rail link, why not use this as a base for an extension of the M6 Toll Road, bringing in a French (or Swiss?) Company expert in such projects. A similar fee-paying scheme could be designed to complete the M67 across the Pennines to Sheffield, with a high speed rail line alongside.

    Anyway, if you think the idea has any merit, no doubt you’ll discuss it with your colleagues.

    PS If any of them are still harbouring doubts about the commitment of the majority of the electorate towards Brexit, I hope that last weekend’s support for the Remembrance events will help to dispel them. I and many like me have no wish (and never had) to be swept-up into ever-closer political union with continental Europe. Indeed just the idea of our Armed Forces being subsumed into a European

    Army controlled by a hegemoney of influences designed to support other interests is

    beyond belief. Free trade is where it should start and finish; whatever the financial costs involved.
  • commented 2016-11-16 21:21:57 +0000
    I have just recently posted a mail but have realised (apart from a few typo errors )my issue is with the zebra crossing on Knutsford road at the entrance of Victoria park ( Not a PELICAN crossing). Essentially I have felt this crossing to be dangerous and regularly hear cars beeping due to near misses as I live close by. It is an accident waiting to happen and I have mailed the council over more than 6 years.

    It was damaged in August and only now is it starting to be repaired. I disagree that Manchester Road has more than 10 crossings between the M6 and Sainsburys whilst on this side of the Canal we only have roughly 3.

    Children use this route.

    Basically I am told it is not dangerous enough. I am fed up, I am trying to protect people, nothing more. My other sentiments in the previous post still remian valid and mailing the council repeatedly is wearing thin.

    Kind regards

    Tim Williams
  • commented 2016-11-16 20:36:39 +0000
    Dear Mr Mowatt

    For many years i have been mailing Warrington borough council – recently Mark Tune and Maureen Mclaughlin with regard to our dangerous pelican crosiig opposite Victoria Park in Latchford. As if it is not bad enough there was an accident at this site in August this year and this inadequate crossing has not beem repaired. I want to pursue this to the furthest I can escalate it as it is an accident waiting to happen.
  • commented 2016-11-14 20:54:23 +0000
    Dear David

    I am interested to hear your views on the recent proposals to potentially downgrade the A+E dept at Warrington hospital?

    I cannot understand the reasoning behind this proposal apart from the obvious, financial.

    As you must be aware, Warrington is a rapidly growing town with an I resign number of residents. We are also surrounded by numerous motorway networks.

    I have just spent the best part of today in the A+E dept with my husband who has a chronic cardiac condition. We arrived at 6-30 am and he was given a bed on a ward at 4-00pm! During this time I had the opportunity to observe the staff and how they worked. I am a lifelong NHS employee and felt proud to see their unrelenting hard work and dedication at all levels.

    I would like to think this dept would be given more support rather than being punished by downgrading

    David, it would be reassuring to hear you are opposing this plan and supporting your Warrington constituents, as is Helen Jones?

    Ann Oultram
  • commented 2016-11-13 10:44:05 +0000
    Dear David a new Warrington petition ⤵

    Hope you are keeping well…
  • commented 2016-11-10 16:56:04 +0000
    Hi there

    Can you please send me a high resolution portrait of yourself to appear in the ICAEW’s By All Accounts magazine. We are running a feature on ICAEW members who are Ministers and MP’s.

    I hope you can help and look forward to receiving the images

    Kind regards


    John Kilpatrick

    Group Picture Editor

    Progressive Content

    71-73 Carter Lane

    London EC4V 5EQ

    Direct: +44 (0)203 096 2657

    Mobile: +44 (0)7966 204418

    Pearl Awards 2015 Gold (Best Overall Editorial) Foodservice Consultant

    Online Media Awards 2015 (Best Business/Finance News Site) economia

    Eddie & Ozzies 2014 (Best Association/Non-Profit) Foodservice Consultant
  • commented 2016-11-10 14:59:25 +0000

    How are you? I thought I’d send a quick email to say hello.

    I’m taking over from Arif Ansari as BBC political editor for the North West. I’ll be reporting from around our wonderful region, and presenting the Sunday Politics programme. I’ve been on maternity leave for the past six months, and start back on the 28th of November.

    Of course at times I will be coming to you with questions, but I sincerely want to be a point of contact for you to bring forward issues that matter to your constituents. We are both there to serve them and I’m looking forward to working with you.

    I’ll be in London for the week or so before relocating north on the 18th. Are you around Westminster for a coffee before then?

    Take care and hope to see you soon


    Nina Warhurst

    Political Editor, BBC North West

    Floor 2, Quay House, MediaCityUK, Salford Quays, M50 2QH

    Tel: 07795 461 168

    Tweet: @ninawarhurst
  • commented 2016-11-10 14:59:24 +0000

    How are you? I thought I’d send a quick email to say hello.

    I’m taking over from Arif Ansari as BBC political editor for the North West. I’ll be reporting from around our wonderful region, and presenting the Sunday Politics programme. I’ve been on maternity leave for the past six months, and start back on the 28th of November.

    Of course at times I will be coming to you with questions, but I sincerely want to be a point of contact for you to bring forward issues that matter to your constituents. We are both there to serve them and I’m looking forward to working with you.

    I’ll be in London for the week or so before relocating north on the 18th. Are you around Westminster for a coffee before then?

    Take care and hope to see you soon


    Nina Warhurst

    Political Editor, BBC North West

    Floor 2, Quay House, MediaCityUK, Salford Quays, M50 2QH

    Tel: 07795 461 168

    Tweet: @ninawarhurst
  • commented 2016-11-09 14:24:46 +0000
    Hi David,

    Golden Gates Housing Trust

    Read the Google reviews!!!
  • commented 2016-11-07 12:27:35 +0000
    Hello David

    I am the deputy Clinical Manager for the Warrington GP Out of Hours, I am also a triage nurse with the service. The past year we have been receiving amount of repeat prescriptions, one Saturday morning recently, we had 30 throughout the day.

    This means that we have to block of appointment slots that would be used for patient consultation. Also when the referral comes through 111 the nurse has to do a telephone consultation.

    Both Marie Martin (clinical lead for Out of Hours GPs) and myself, hear that NHS England are running a pilot scheme for pharmacy services for emergency prescriptions- can we be included?

    my contact number is 01925 454816 or 07469578170
  • commented 2016-11-07 11:35:02 +0000
    I am very concerned about the current governments stance upon brexit which I view to be too extreme and damaging to the future relationship of this country with our closest neighbours. I would like to meet with you to discuss my concerns.
  • commented 2016-11-06 17:51:51 +0000
    i’ve just signed a petition to ban the sale of fireworks to the general public. we have lots of rules about health and safety yet the public can still buy explosives, which are getting bigger and much louder. i would be interested to hear your opinion on this matter. regards…rod
  • commented 2016-11-05 17:03:29 +0000
    Hello David,

    Reflecting on this Governments commitment to reduce debt would it be logical to reduce international Aid by a few billion?
  • commented 2016-11-05 07:58:33 +0000
    Please ask the Lord Chancellor Elizabeth Truss to condemn the attack on the Judges in the Brexit supporting press, because it tends to undermine the rule of law – on which we all depend to live our lives in freedom. The government accepted that how Article 50 was to be triggered was a matter of law for the judges to rule on. They ruled that our constitution requires Parliament to vote on triggering Article 50 – upholding the sovereignty of Parliament and the rule of law. Please ask the Lord Chancellor to support the judges and the rule of law, without which we will all be at the mercy of arbitrary acts of the executive and the mob.
  • commented 2016-11-04 18:15:22 +0000
    HI i voted to leave the E U. Now i feel the democratic right to my vote as been taken away by the MP,s who don’t live in the really world, who are going to stall disrupt and drag out the leaving process causing more damage. Thressa May as my vote at present, but the MP,s have now shown that the have no respect for the people only for there own gains and views …..