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As of 3rd May, Parliament has dissolved and therefore there are no Members of Parliament until a new Parliament is elected on June 8th. Parliamentary rules prevent me from taking on any new casework or acting as an MP. Warrington South will elect a new MP on June 8th.

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  • commented 2017-04-28 08:09:35 +0100
    Not sure if you can help us here but this is our problem. We are residents at cherry corner Lymm and we against against future planning permission at the ground rear to the new fire station.

    The truck jet wash currently on the service station is wanting to relocate its business on this land. It is very close to our homes and besides noise and pollution issues it will decrease our property value and spoil our enjoyment in th egardens.

    They wash around 1500 trucks per week, excess is poor and even if improved will cause problems on the Lymm roundabout.

    We are classed as rural and green belt here but industry seems to want to crush us out. How do we go about ensuring our council will support us in this plan not being passed.

    I am told years ago trucks were refused permission to leave via this entrance as would be a danger getting onto the road.

    Your comments and support would be grateful.
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  • commented 2017-04-27 08:59:56 +0100
    Really perturbed at the moment to see Richard Branson and Gina Miller with others are raising money to allow them to try and encourage people to vote “tacticly” at The General Election. I thought Electoral fraud, election manipulation, or vote rigging is illegal interference with the process of an election, whether by increasing the vote share of the favoured candidate, or depressing the vote share of the rival candidates, or both

    Could you please tell me what you and the Government is going to do about this crime.
  • commented 2017-04-24 17:03:53 +0100
    Hello David

    As our MP I feel that you have a responsibility to bring up the poor management of the Manchester Ship canal and the bridges operated by Peel Holdings in Parliament . They have brought the town to a standstill yet again when one of their bridges failed to operate which is no doubt down to poor maintenance.
    I believe new legislation needs to be introduced by the government to address the issues associated with the operation of the canal and associated bridges to ensure that the operator acts responsibly to the people of Warrington
  • commented 2017-04-23 10:33:47 +0100
    Having been a conservative voter all my life I am sorry to say I will not be voting for them again. The decision by Theresa May not to slash the foreign aid budget with the NHS and schools badly needing funding is the last straw.
  • commented 2017-04-23 08:37:41 +0100
    Good Morning Mr Mowat. I am writing to ask your views on the WASPI campaign and do you give it your support. Kindest regards. Pat Iddon
  • commented 2017-04-22 09:17:18 +0100
    The latest scaremongering is that the Tories will increase taxes but maintain or increase foreign aid. If this becomes Tory policy I will not vote for the Tory party .
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  • commented 2017-04-22 07:39:14 +0100
    Dear David

    I completely endorse Andrew Flitcrofts comments. Up until yesterday my husband and I were fully behind Theresa May and wanted to support her as I feel that her government would ensure that this country becomes " Great Britain" once again. However, that all changed yesterday. In one sweeping statement I feel that the Conservatives have lost many voters who are receiving or about to receive their state pension. We have worked and paid into the system for circa 50 years. The pension is NOT a welfare benefit, we paid into the system even when we were struggling to bring up our families. Now we face the prospect ( and I believe it will become reality) of seeing our pensions eroding, as it undoubtedly will fail to keep pace with inflation, whilst at the same time see £12 BILLION per year sent to other countries. It stinks David, and as I simply cannot face the prospect of voting for Jeremy Corbyn I am going into this election for the very first time as a

    possible abstainer. My husband, however says he will vote Labour as a protest. It’s incredible to think that with one statement, the Conservatives may have just lost millions of voters. It’s an insult to pensioners and you need to listen to us David.
  • commented 2017-04-21 19:27:55 +0100
    Dear David

    Just seeing latest highlights, if the conservatives drop the triple lock in pensions (who have suffered long enough anyway from low interest rates) in favour of continuing to borrow to fund the double figure billions in foreign aid, I will not be voting conservative

    We have lost sight of security for the old and infirm, and also our youth. I was extremely disappointed that our generation (I’m 52 yrs old) who enjoyed free higher education introduced fees and debt on the very people who will help us grow the economy

    Never voted labour but I might just do as a protest and assume there will be others
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  • commented 2017-04-20 09:51:56 +0100
    Dear David.

    The NHS and Social Care will be very significant issues as part of this election.

    If re-elected will you;

    • vote to raise taxes to fund the NHS adequately and commit to future funding in line with the western Europe average by the end of the parliament;

    • insist the future of EU staff and their right to remain is settled before the Brexit begins;

    • make the effort to really understand reconfiguration proposals to health care in your constituency and publicly support them or give an evidenced based reason why not.

    Kind regards

    Matt Edwards
  • commented 2017-04-19 23:37:51 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat,

    With regard to the forthcoming General Election and the ensuing Manifesto. I would like to make a suggestion and would value your comment.

    I don’t know who exactly has influence in drawing up the Manifesto but I would like to make a suggestion.

    I am constantly amazed at the amount of litter that blights the length and breadth of this country. Drinks cans,plastic bottles,polystyrene food trays,waxed cups (often with plastic cap and straw still attached) plastic packaging and dog poo bags are visible everywhere.

    I myself constantly pick up these items and do try to keep the area tidy.

    For the Government to introduce ROBUST legislation concerning this problem would be extremely popular with the electorate and be a massive vote winner.

    I have previously wrote twice to Andrea Leadsom concerning this matter and have received neither an acknowledgement nor a reply. In your expected reply to this correspondence please do not suggest the responsibility lies with the local authority in Warrington. Local Government finances have been drastically cut as you will appreciate and priorities now lie with social care first.
    Regards, David Edwards.
  • commented 2017-04-19 16:36:02 +0100
    Mr David Mowat,

    I am over 70 years of age and I have never voted Tory, indeed I have been a member of UKIP since 2004. However, as I think UKIP will not succeed in Warrington I will be voting for you in the next General election, as I believe that the Tory party can deliver Brexit in the way that the people voted for. We voted OUT regardless of hard or soft Brexit.

    Kind regards

    TM Bricklebank
  • commented 2017-04-19 15:17:33 +0100
    Eighteen months ago I was a pro-European. Twelve months ago, I was a Remainer. Six months ago, I was a Remoaner.

    Now, I am a Saboteur.
  • commented 2017-04-18 16:00:37 +0100

    I’ve just been to the Ford garage in Warrington to upgrade my car. Having previously used my Motability allowance to purchase a ‘used’ vehicle, this was my current plan. However, I was informed that I can now only use this allowance against a new vehicle. My plan was to purchase a pre-registered car with less than 1000 miles on the odometer thus saving myself several thousand pounds.

    The current legislation is unfair and could be seen as discriminatory by denying blue badge holders access to the purchase of a used car as opposed to the rather expensive 3 years’ lease which is the only plan available – albeit with an option to purchase at the end of the term.

    By buying the car, I was responsible for the insurance and upkeep of the vehicle from the date of the agreement.

    I would appreciate an explanation of what legislation was implemented to enable this. Also when did the rules change?


  • commented 2017-04-17 19:34:31 +0100
    Good evening David

    It has been suggested in the media that the UK has/is giving foreign aid to North Korea. I found this astonishing.

    I would be grateful if you could look into this and let me know if it is true, how much has been donated and when it was donated.

    If it is true, please could you establish what government policy is regarding aid to rogue states

    Many thanks

  • commented 2017-04-17 07:15:09 +0100
    Good Morning,

    I read the other day that the government is considering withholding pension increases for pensioners abroad. Like the loss of the Heating allowance which your colleague Mr. Duncan-Sands must be proud of, we seem to be discriminated against.

    People like myself have perhaps spent 44 years of non stop work. We contributed a lot in tax and NI.However,when when we retired,in order to help the government further, we moved abroad. We do not use the National Health or any other services. So it seems that now we are becoming Targets for government cuts.

    It is deplorable that this should happen and will be interested in your comments…and by the way we still vote.
  • commented 2017-04-13 21:10:27 +0100
    Dear David. I have a huge problem regarding an eyesore that has been erected within feet of my home. I live in the park homes (mobile) called Park View (just passed the Wheatsheaf pub) where a car wash has started up approximately 1 month ago. I am 70yrs old and suffered a mini stroke at the end of October 2016. I have argued many times with the carwash people about moving the eyesore.- I can provide pictures and recorded noise from the jet wash. Their argument was it was their business and I responded by saying this is my home and that it has been devalued because of the business, to which his response was to start the ‘race’ tactic to which I told him not to even go down that route or I will really have something to say. I am not racist in any nature whatsoever as I have friends that are different nationalities. I had a doctor’s appointment for blood pressure today (13 April) and it was lower than should be to which I have to goes back again in a couple of weeks time for recheck. I emailed Derek Ward from Cheshire East including pictures of the eyesore and also pictures of cars blocking our in/out entrance. but he did not have the courtesy to reply to me. Also after the original site owner Mr Tony Ball passed away suddenly 2 years ago, Mr John Dean, who was dealing with the site after Tony’s death, allowed a motorbike shop also at the back of my home so I had to argue with them as they were revving up the motorbikes. This went quieter over the winter period but is starting up again with revving. The only thing separating me from all this is a waneylap fence. My contract and written statement states I am allowed to live in peace and quite and believe me I am not getting any of this. I maybe 70yrs old but I’m not ‘dead’ yet and I still work part-time as a dog walker and I am home for 2.00pm. I cannot open my back door or window now because of noise and the smell of the chemicals used to wash the cars. I don’t think planning permission has been granted because the residents on my site asked Mr William Flanegan, the present site owner for a new sign so that deliveries, ambulances etc can find us as they go to the site next door, also owned by Mr Flanegan, to which we were told planning permission was needed, hence we have no sign so has planning permission been given for the huge signs and the eyesore structure feet from my home. It has been made from scrap making it even worse. I hope you have the courtesy to reply and help as I am getting stressed by all this. It is hard enough to sell these homes because of the very high site fees and having to give 10% of the value of the homes.

    Kindest regards

    Carol Kenyon
  • commented 2017-04-12 10:08:46 +0100
    Ms Susan o’neill

    33 shaws ave warrington wa28au

    She needs help with her personal independence payment claiming
  • commented 2017-04-11 20:00:48 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat,

    Following your interview on Granada Reports this evening, I would like to offer my thoughts to you, in your role as the Minister for the Elderly, on the standard of care and nursing homes.

    As a person aged 46, I believe the entire culture of care and nursing homes, not just in the north west, but nationally, is wrong, and needs to change.

    The thought for many people of going into a nursing home, is seen as a failiure and full of dread. Thousands of pounds a week per resident is charged; many people have to end up selling thier homes to live in under staffed, smelly esablishments. Dire standards of care, for hotel prices in many cases. It’s a national disgrace!

    What you need to do, as the Minister for the Elderly, is remodel the standard of all care homes, to hotel standards. Change the prospect of people having to go into a nursing and care homes, into a positive experience. A stage in people’s twilight years as something to look forward to; places they want to live.

    The majority of staff that work in care and nusing homes, including the managers, are good people, trying to deliver the best service they can to residents. It’s the companies that own these homes, that could makes things better. The Government really does need to get it’s act together, on this one!
  • commented 2017-04-10 10:00:01 +0100
    Dear David

    Proposed Housing Developments in Graopenhall Heys/ Appleton/Appleton Thorn

    I can understand the Government’s house building imperative and recognise the HCA plans for south Warrington’s have long-standing origins. Since the plans were originally formulated there have been very significant material changes. The current proposals do not reflect these, most notably in relation to highways and traffic infrastructure.

    The existing roads that form the envelope to the new projects are already inadequate and overburdened with stationary and backed-up traffic for long periods at peak times and at any time there is an incident on the M6 or M56 to the south of the town. When the Ship Canal swing bridges open there is often complete deadlock.

    The potential increase in population with the foreseeable increase in domestic, social, service and support traffic could result in a catastrophe for the south Warrington area. The existing critical junctions that provide the only gateways to the local and regional highway system as well as the rest of the town are under great strain. Unhindered passage for emergency vehicles into and out of the proposed housing developments is severely at risk – with potentially awful consequences.

    David, we need you as our representative to become active and visible in relation to this scheme. South Warrington is a great success story and the continued economic development of the whole town depends upon it. Poor, inadequate or non-existent critical infrastructure will be responsible for strangling our future progress.


    John McQuillian
  • commented 2017-04-06 13:25:19 +0100
    Is there anyway you can help us in Lymm? I was told this morning on the little bus which takes us into the village that our last bank(Lloyds) is due to close.

    We will then have no bank,no post office and no building society. Where are we supposed to go not everyone has computer access and even we who do have one do not use on Line banking as too much goes wrong.

    On the little bus ages range from mid nineties to early eighties.

    Their nearest banks would be Altrincham or Warrington which is not very convenient with no car and unreliable buses.

    Thanks Helen Bond Mrs
  • commented 2017-04-06 13:21:09 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat

    I would like to raise the following points regarding the proposed development of 1000 Houses in the Appleton, Appleton Thorn and Grappenhall areas of Warrington:

    The prospect of up to another 2,000 plus cars using the access roads to the Schools, Stockton Heath Village, Warrington Town Centre and the M6 or M56 routes is unthinkable. The current road infrastructure around this area is completely inadequate and the these routes are regularly gridlocked during peak times with long junction waits and very poor parking options for local facilities in Stockton Heath.

    When you add in the swing bridge disruptions or accidents on the Motorway network which happen frequently this is exacerbated to complete mayhem. With only the 3 current swing bridges and Cantilever Bridge providing single lane access to the main shopping and central services, these are already overstretched and there is a desperate need for another route over the Canal to access these services. Furthermore, during peak times and when ships are passing through what hope is there of emergency services being able to support communities when events like this happen,.

    I’s inconceivable to think of the chaos that will be caused with the culmination of these applications being proposed at Pewterspear Green, Appleton Cross and Appleton Thorn which is proposing over 1,000 new houses in a relatively small area. The sheer volume of additional cars with all the associated traffic issues already mentioned and is complete madness without any forward thinking or putting in place the infrastructure BEFORE building takes place.

    The Howshoots Lane proposal is a also red herring and in fact will just drive more traffic during peak times and incidents through The Grappenhall Heys Development and the corresponding single lane B roads in an around the area. Also the parking on Witherwin Avenue near the walled garden creates weekend hazards from the volume of cars and visitors accessing the garden. There is insufficient parking to accommodate visitors for what would be a main throughfare from the motorway.
    Lumbrook Road towards Dairy Farm and New Lane is already hazardous with blind bends and narrow roads which are frequented by Farm vehicles and Buses, I have seen and almost been involved in a number of potential head on collisions on these bends from vehicles coming on the wrong side, only through being extra cautious and pre-empting the hazards have I been able to avert accidents.

    With increased traffic and frustration from traffic congestion I’m sure it would only be a matter of time before more serious accidents occur at one of these pinch points.

    There are also no local convenience stores or shops in walking distance from the Grappenhall Heys development which encourages the use of cars to access shops in Stockton Heath or Warrington Town Centre, without a significant development and investment in this infrastructure cars and road limitations will continue to be the main issue for residents. In addition Schools and Doctors Surgeries are already under pressure to support current residential numbers, adding another 1,000 houses to this area will only add longer wait times and also increased pressure for schools to increase class sizes or have to build extensions.

    The roads then in and around the schools will then become even more gridlocked than usual at school opening and closing times. From listening to feedback at resident meetings it feels like the infrastructure is secondary to the need for housing,

    Unfortunately one cannot succeed without the other and most importantly the infrastructure should be there BEFORE any more houses are built, you wouldn’t lay a brick without any foundations being there so why do the same here.

    I look forward to hearing your feedback on this.
  • commented 2017-04-06 07:57:57 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat

    Along with many residents in Appleton I am deeply concerned about the four proposed housing developments in this area. In particular my concerns are about the state of the road infrastructure and how we are regularly having to put up with hold ups resulting in the consequential time taken to take what should be short journeys.

    You have acknowledged the critical state of Warrington’s road network, the detail I don’t think I need to remind you of, and you have been involved in the plans to build additional bridges but I don’t think they alone are the answer. Those bridges need link roads which will provide a free flow in and out of the town. New roads are required in most directions with ideally a ring road taking traffic away from its centre.

    Care should also be taken with any proposals to avoid exacerbating the situation, something I fear might happen with the new bridge over the Mersey which I believe will terminate at Gainsborough Road. Will the traffic using this bridge head down Gainsborough Road to Wilderspool Causeway and then Stockton Heath. If not where will it go?

    Warrington is comparable to some extent with Milton Keynes and has developed to the size it is because of its transport links. The main difference between the two is that Warrington was a town before the development began and Milton Keynes was one of a cluster of small villages in Buckinghamshire. In Milton Keynes new roads were built ahead of the subsequent creation of the city so the road network was in place, this has not been the case in Warrington. In the north of the town Warrington seems to be constantly trying to play catch up with development but in the south virtually no new roads have been built so they are having to cope with traffic for whicht they were never intended. In a nutshell a bye pass is the only answer.

    The housing proposals would add an estimated >2000 cars directly into the area. Just what weekends will be like alone when we will have residents heading through Stockton Heath to the supermarkets, remember there are none to the south of the village, Friday evenings will potentially be a nightmare when the shoppers will join all those (including new residents) returning home after work.

    Please support the proposal your constituents are making that these developments don’t go ahead until the required road infrastructure is built. I acknowledge that there is a need for additional housing and that Appleton has the land to build on, but ask that things should progress in an order which will not adversely effect the quality of life for the existing residents.
  • commented 2017-04-05 10:00:26 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat,

    Grappenhall Heys – reference 2017/29929

    Appleton Cross – reference 2017/29930

    Pewterspear Green – reference 2016/28807

    Appleton Thorn – reference 2016/29511

    I object to the multiple proposed housing plans in south Warrington as they are highly detrimental to the area, existing and future residents for the following reasons:

    1. These developments are being considered separate to the other very high impact other proposed developments in the area. They should all be considered a group especially when considering infrastructure, schools, roads, health and care services, parking and provision of suitable walking, cycling and bus transport options.

    2. Overall the collective infrastructure of the area, services and capacity to accommodate further population growth let alone bear the pressures of the existing population is not sufficient. Schools in the Warrington area are bottom of the league when it comes to funding, our health and care services are under massive pressure and being rationed. Road and traffic congestion is growing and there are simply not enough solutions in place to manage presently. We need to alleviate some of these pressures prior to over expansion.

    3. The collective size and scale of the developments, as well as the densities far exceed the historic and more recent developments. the significant impact of 1000 new homes, possibly 2-3000 additional vehicles and possibly 4000 new inhabitants are being ignored and therefore not being assessed nor considered. The current impact assessment on each individual application is meaningless and misleading.

    4. The proposals appear to have been ‘green lit’ in South Warrington due to the higher level of council taxes that might be collected in the future and therefore a larger revenue potential to the council. This is fundamentally the wrong way round, I would argue this economic development criteria has a too higher weighting compared to the negative impact on the area.

    5. The above economic argument and potential increase in tax revenue due to these developments being in south rather than north Warrington are unfair and highly suspect. Recent plans for north Warrington ( reference Peel Hall 2016/28492) have been turned down due to infrastructure concerns –north Warrington sees considerable new investment and historically has been a new and open design scheme that should have and does provide much more road and infrastructure. The logic of saying south Warrington has better infrastructure than north Warrington is quite wrong and I put it to you that the primary driver for developments to happen in south Warrington is as per point 3 – i.e. greater tax revenue potential rather than a balanced approach to design and impact considerations.

    6. There will also be a detrimental impact on the flora and fauna around the woods and paths surrounding the current estate. Many local residents use this wooded area for recreation, education, walking and dog walking and there currently exists a reasonable balance of nature and human intervention. However there are constant littering and pollution issues even with present population levels, with the withdrawal of council services and more and more residents having to fund maintenance of green spaces further expansion of housing and people will have an adverse effect on the ecology, the nature conservation and biodiversity of this area.

    I and fellow residents of south Warrington have entrusted you to be the custodian and voice for us. I would urge you to consider the overall position of these developments urgently considering the short and longer term issues at hand as well as those that will emerge for future generations.

    Kind regards

    Matt Edwards
  • commented 2017-04-04 13:04:46 +0100
    i need some advice can you contact me on number provided
  • commented 2017-04-02 20:34:59 +0100
    Dear Mr Mowat,

    I live in Appleton and am very concerned about the impact of the proposed HCA housing developments, and the potential for future developments based on changes to Green Belt land in South Warrington. I would like to enlist your help in making sure these developments are good for the community.


    - We believe there are significant decisions being made without any clear transport or development strategy for the area; they are being taken in isolation for small areas and this will lead to a very poor experience for all residents.

    - We do not believe the analysis of traffic impact in the area is correct and are concerned that significant decisions are being based on questionable data.

    - The analysis of the green belt seems to focus more on South Warrington changes than North Warrington. The outcome of this work will have huge repercussions for the area and we believe it needs to be done in consultation with residents.

    I would be happy to talk you through what I know and would be keen to hear how you can help us ensure this development is a positive experience for all residents – new or old.

    Thank you for your time.

    Mike Palmer
  • commented 2017-04-02 18:03:40 +0100
    £500m to design a blue passport when warrington schools are suffering budget cuts ? interesting set of priorities don’t you think?
  • commented 2017-04-01 21:17:07 +0100
    Hi David

    May I ask you to look at the recent appointment of the Assistant to David Keane the Cheshire Police Commissioner? The fact that the daughter of the political allies of David has been appointed is an affront to due process and further erodes any belief in the political system. As you may have read in Private Eye it is a public embarrassment which must be addressed and rectified. The fact she just “meets the minimum standards” for the role takes the appointment from the unbelievable to pure parody! I assume we always try and find the best person to appoint in public roles paying £50000 per year along with a gold plated pension! Even if it does not fall in your jurisdiction it strongly warrants comment and censure.