"Come and see what is being done in your name" - Mowat

Local MP David Mowat has today written to the Leaders of Halton, Sefton, Knowsley, St Helen’s and Wirral Borough Councils and Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, to protest their decision to support an extension to the Arpley Landfill Site and invite them to visit the site for themselves. Mr Mowat has also written to Cheshire West & Chester Council, who supported an extension but do not dump waste at Arpley.




In his letter, Mr Mowat wrote:


There is more than enough capacity in the region as a whole to absorb the waste. Given that none of these other sites is as poorly located as Arpley, I believe there is an overwhelming argument that the site should not be forced to remain open.


“If you wish to continue supporting an extension of Arpley’s licence, you need to understand what that would mean for those whose lives will be blighted as a direct result.”


Last week Warrington Councillors unanimously rejected a 5 year extension to Arpley’s licence, but local residents were shocked and angered to hear that Halton and the Merseyside councils had written in to support the application. As Warrington no longer sends any waste there, it is only Merseyside and Halton who will continue to use the site in future.


Commenting, David Mowat added:


“I am delighted that Councillors have thrown this application out, but disappointed that these two Councils are lobbying for the site to remain open.


“The plans that have been submitted show that local people could have to put up with a lorry passing their house every 169 seconds during the site’s operating hours. If they wish to continue supporting this application, the people living in Halton and Merseyside need to understand what is being done in their name.”


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