Strong & Stable Leadership for Warrington

I'm standing as the Conservative Candidate in Warrington South once again.

If you re-elect me on June 8th, I promise to support the strong and stable leadership of Prime Minister Theresa May as we build a strong economy and negotiate Brexit.

How you vote in Warrington South really matters: only once in over thirty years has the party that won here not gone on to form the Government.

The only way you can guarantee a strong, stable government under Theresa May is to vote Conservative here on June 8th.

Voting for ANY other party risks seeing Jeremy Corbyn, Nicola Sturgeon and their Coalition of Chaos taking over the country.

If you wish to contact me in my capacity as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Health, you can do so here.

With best wishes


David Mowat
Warrington South


DISCLAIMER: Some of the content on this site was created when I was a Member of Parliament. As of May 3rd, Parliament has dissolved and there are no Members of Parliament until a fresh Parliament is elected on June 8th